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19 December 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Accelerating News: Synergies for testing Superconducting RF (SRF) cavities
  • Around the World: From DESY inForm: Under one roof
  • Image of the week: Numbers of the year
  • Director's Corner: A year in review
5 December 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Power napping for detectors
  • Director's Corner: November in Paris: ILC prepares for Horizon 2020
  • Image of the week: First full-size ILC cryomodule assembled at KEK's STF test facility
21 November 2013 | Download PDF
  • Slideshow: Impressions from the 2013 Linear Collider Workshop in Tokyo
  • Director's Corner: Planning for the future of the US high-energy-physics programme
  • Around the World: ‘A little dirt never hurt’
7 November 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: From concept to consortium
  • Around the World: Running like an electron
  • Director's Corner: The CLIC 2014 workshop at CERN
  • Video of the week: Understanding the ILC (hand-made animation inside)
24 October 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: Industrialising the ILC
  • Around the World: Explaining the ILC in an easy-to-understand way
  • Image of the week: A physicist walks into a rice paddy...
  • Director's Corner: LCWS13 - a timely linear collider workshop
10 October 2013 | Download PDF
  • Image of the week: Stairway study
  • Around the World: ILC moves forward in Japan
  • Director's Corner: Yes!
  • Feature: From CERN: CERN congratulates François Englert and Peter W. Higgs on the award of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Video of the week: 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics announcement
26 September 2013 | Download PDF
  • Video of the week: A guided tour around the CLIC test facility
  • Around the World: No more HF?
  • Director's Corner: Doors open wide
12 September 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: ILC project is entering next phase
  • Around the World: Concentrating our energy towards the realisation of the ILC
  • Director's Corner: ILC candidate site evaluation in Japan
  • Around the World: Want a Higgs factory? Damping rings are key
29 August 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: ILC candidate site in Japan announced
22 August 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: Strategy for linear colliders
  • Feature: Common ground in ILC and CLIC detector concepts
  • Feature: ILC Ink
  • Video of the week: Japanese candidate site for ILC will be announced on 23 August
8 August 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: The ILC at a glance 2
  • Image of the week: From symmetry magazine: Scientists look to next decades in US particle physics
  • LCpedia: Positron
  • Director's Corner: Snowmass on the Mississippi in Minneapolis
25 July 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: The challenge of technology
  • Around the World: Pixel party
  • Around the World: Hydrides: the nemesis of high-quality SRF cavities?
11 July 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Take two for cryomodule 2
  • Around the World: On the way to SiD: testing a novel calorimeter
  • Director's Corner: Steering the direction of US high-energy physics
  • Video of the week: Higgs: the story of the beginning
27 June 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: From symmetry magazine: International Linear Collider design is ‘good to go’
  • Around the World: SLAC inaugurates a new era for the future ILC (twice)
  • Around the World: China's strategy on next-generation high-energy electron-positron colliders discussed
  • Director's Corner: Moving from emotions to negotiations
  • Video of the week: Good things come in threes
13 June 2013 | Download PDF
  • Image of the week: Tunnel vision
  • Feature: Press release: Next-generation particle accelerator is ready for construction
  • Director's Corner: The Global Design Effort completes its mandate in style and substance
  • Video of the week: Worldwide video
30 May 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Setting the course for European particle physics
  • Around the World: Hiking like an electron
  • Director's Corner: The ECFA LC2013 workshop
  • Slideshow: Impressions from Hamburg
16 May 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: Strategies and realities
  • Video of the week: Get to learn more about ILC with videos in two different styles
  • Feature: From Symmetry Magazine: The cherry pie collider
2 May 2013 | Download PDF
  • Image of the week: US and Japan discuss cooperation in advanced science and technology
  • Around the World: From SLAC today: SLAC’s historic ‘End Station A’ hosts electron beams again
  • Director's Corner: Demonstrating the ILC final focus parameters
18 April 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Good signal, little noise
  • Director's Corner: Dream for humankind
  • LCpedia: Particle flow
  • Image of the week: And the winner is...Italy!
4 April 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! (*)
  • Feature: A spin-off of ILC technology – already
  • Image of the week: Lyn Evans pays courtesy visit to Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe
  • Announcements: From design to reality
21 March 2013 | Download PDF
  • LCpedia: Final focus
  • Feature: From CERN: New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson
  • Director's Corner: Forming a united front of the LC physics and detector community
  • Image of the week: Japanese diet members focus on ATF2
7 March 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: ILC TDR cost under review
  • Director's Corner: From technology to diplomacy
  • Image of the week: Cherry seed colliders unite
  • Video of the week: Higgs session at Moriond
21 February 2013 | Download PDF
  • Feature: Global Design Efficiency – the story of a group revolution
  • LCpedia: Drive Beam
  • Director's Corner: A time of transition, or When men and mountains meet
  • Feature: Press release: Colliders colliding
  • Image of the week: Andy White and Marcel Stanitzki new SiD spokesmen
7 February 2013 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Japanese science minister mentions ILC in press conference
  • Research Director's Report: From the Letters of Intent to the ILC Technical Design Report
  • Director's Corner: TDR review season is underway
  • Around the World: Shin-ichi Kurokawa awarded Chinese top prize
24 January 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: 2013: The year of the snake or the “What if?”
  • Around the World: DEPFET active pixel detectors for the linear collider
  • Around the World: Asian collaboration on ILC superconducting radiofrequency technologies
  • Feature: Become a signatory of the Detailed Baseline Design report
10 January 2013 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: Happy New Year! Reflections on 2012
  • LCpedia: Cavity gradient
  • Feature: Members of new Linear Collider Board announced
  • Image of the week: The year of the snake