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Kyoto University Hosts Nanobeam 2005 Next Week

Uji Campus
Uji Campus, Kyoto University
Recently very tiny beams with nanometer-scale size have attracted increasing interest by particle physics whose aim is to investigate the internal structure of `elementary' particles at a future linear collider such as the ILC or CLIC. New demands on beam quality, beam-optical systems, diagnostics, feedback, and especially stabilization of beam line components including the suppression of natural ground motion have stimulated scientists' frontier spirit in order to realize nanometer beam size and efficient collision in the future linear collider.

The Nanobeam 2005 workshop will focus on beam dynamics of low-emittance beam generation, tuning, feedback, beam diagnosis, ground motion, stabilization, and beam delivery system for the linear collider. In addition to these topics, related research efforts on synchrotron light sources, permanent and superconducting magnets, and photon colliders will also be included, as was already the case at the Nanobeam 2002 workshop. We foresee an additional miscellaneous session addressing cooling techniques, which may produce low-emittance nanobeams, and applications of nano-scale precision beams.

The Nanobeam 2005 workshop site is the Uji-campus of Kyoto University in the Southern suburbs of Kyoto. Nanobeam 2005 will be held from 17-21 October 2005. Just after the workshop, on 22 October, two traditional festivals, `Jidai-festival' and `Fire Festival at Kurama' will be held, weather permitting. In this way, we hope the workshop can inform attendees about both modern and traditional Japanese culture.

Nanobeam 2005 is organized as a workshop of the 21st Century Center of Excellence, Center for Diversity and Universality in Physics at Kyoto University. It is jointly hosted by three institutes: Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics. Nanobeam 2005 has been approved to become the 36th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop.

Co-chair Professor Akira Noda of Kyoto University and I hope all 100 participants will get an exciting spirit from the workshop and enjoy the festivals in Kyoto.

--Junji Urakawa, KEK