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After Vancouver: Valencia

Valencia's City of Art and Science.
A joint meeting of the "European Committee for Future Accelerators Study of Physics and Detectors for a Linear Collider"and of the Global Design Effort (GDE) will be held from 6 to 10 November 2006 in Valencia, Spain. "Valencia will be an important stepping stone on our way to costing the machine, and we expect great results from the five days in Spain," said Brian Foster, Regional Director for Europe.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux

Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops
2006 Linear Accelerator Conference
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
21-25 August 2006

Linear Collider Physics School 2006
Ambleside, UK
14-19 September 2006

TTC Meeting (Tesla Technology Collaboration)
KEK (Information on schedule and logistics)
25-28 September 2006

9th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
25-29 September 2006

The International Workshop on Thin Films
Legnaro, Padua (ITALY)
9-12 October 2006

EUDET Annual Meeting 2006
MPI Munich
18-20 October 2006

Single Crystal Niobium Technology Workshop (pdf)
Araxá mine in Brazil
30 October - 1 November 2006
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ILC-ECFA Valencia Workshop
Valencia, Spain
6-10 November 2006

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Feature Story
Conventional Facilities and Siting Group Well Represented at VLCW06

The Conventional Facilities and Siting Group at VLCW06.
Fifteen members dedicated to conventional facilities and siting for the International Linear Collider participated in the Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop 2006 – a record number for the group. Prior to the workshop through their weekly videoconferences, the three group leaders, Jean-Luc Baldy of CERN, Vic Kuchler of Fermilab and Atsushi Enomoto of KEK, encouraged everyone to attend the meeting in Vancouver. The outcome resulted in participants from Fermilab, SLAC, CERN, KEK and JINR.

"There are enormous benefits to having everyone come face to face and participate with the other area systems and with their points of contact," Kuchler said. "These formal and informal discussions are essential to the progress that we have been able to make so far."

-- Elizabeth Clements

In the News
From Physics Today
August 2006
Beijing collider intensifies focus on tau–charm physics
A major upgrade of the Beijing Electron–Positron Collider will give it the world's highest luminosity in the collision energy range 2 to 4.2 GeV, a physics-rich niche that, China's high-energy physicists hope, will attract international collaborators.

30 July 2006
Asleep at the Collider
Elementary particle physics - the study of the smallest components of matter: the parts inside the parts inside the atom - is at a crossroads in the United States.

From Fermilab Today
28 July 2006
Community Task Force Begins ILC Preparations
Members of Fermilab's Community Task Force met Tuesday night to discuss community outreach principles as the lab pursues the proposed ILC.
Director's Corner
Reflections on VLCW06: Physics and Detectors

Jack Gunion reviewed ILC Terascale Physics at VLCW06.
The University of British Columbia, located in beautiful Vancouver, was the venue of a joint American Linear Collider Planning Group (ALCPG) and GDE workshop, attended by 300 participants from 19-23 July. The programme ranged from very practical issues such as cost estimates for the ILC to discussions of the latest theoretical developments in the field. Such a broad programme is the result of our concerted efforts to bring ILC detector/physics and accelerator communities closer together. Holding joint meetings enables us to inform each other and to work together on problems of mutual interest, like the joint science performance of the accelerator and detectors.

-- Barry Barish

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VLCW06 Talks Available Online
Talks from the Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop 2006 are available online.
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25 Jul 2006
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The single-cell ICHIRO cavities that achieved an accelerating gradient in excess of 50 mV/m.
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