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XFEL and ILC: Accelerating in the Family

Artist's impression of the experiment buildings of the future European XFEL project at DESY in Germany.
High-energy physics is a lot like family. At university you are born into it, your thesis supervisor parents have a great influence on you, you always stay close to your brothers and sisters, even though they annoy you sometimes. It’s always there with you, it’s in your blood, you can never forget it completely. You get partner-institute in-laws, go to family reunion meetings and see your summer student children grow up. The particles you study have their own little mysterious families. And even accelerators have big and small brothers, cousins, parents and grandchildren.

-- Barbara Warmbein

Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops
2006 Linear Accelerator Conference
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
21-25 August 2006

Linear Collider Physics School 2006
Ambleside, UK
14-19 September 2006

TTC Meeting (Tesla Technology Collaboration)
KEK (Information on schedule and logistics)
25-28 September 2006

9th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
25-29 September 2006

ILC Damping Rings R&D Workshop - ILCDR06
Cornell University
26-28 September 2006

The International Workshop on Thin Films
Legnaro, Padua (ITALY)
9-12 October 2006

EUDET Annual Meeting 2006
MPI Munich
18-20 October 2006

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Fermilab's New Clean Room Sparkles

A rail system runs under the entire clean room, where the cavities rest and await assembly.
Earlier this summer in June, Fermilab's Cryomodule Assembly Facility gained a brand new state-of-the-art clean room. Just like the delight you get from the smell of a brand new car, Fermilab's Cryomodule Assembly Facility literally has that pristine, perfectly clean look and feel to it. And the goal is to keep it that way. "The trick is to keep your room as clean as possible," said Fermilab's Tug Arkan, a cryomodule production engineer.

-- Elizabeth Clements

In the News
From Time Magazine
13 August 2006
The Unraveling of String Theory
Two new books argue that the hottest idea in physics is just a passing fad.

From New Scientist
12 August 2006
Editorial: Loop quantum gravity increases its pull
String theory's main rival has earned the right to be taken seriously - it could be the most profound scientific generalisation of all time.

From Science
11 August 2006
A 'Landscape' Too Far?
A radical new interpretation of string theory raises the prospect of untold numbers of separate universes with different physical laws--an idea that some physicists say threatens the foundation of their science
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From SLAC Today
10 August 2006
Single Positron Damping Ring for ILC
Surrounded by the beautiful mountains and bay of Vancouver, Canada, the damping ring group made an important decision during the recent International Linear Collider (ILC) Workshop VLCW06.
Director's Corner
Happy Birthday GDE

The GDE is one year old and walking the walk and talking the talk.
One year ago, most of the 49 newly appointed members of the Global Design Effort came to Snowmass, Colorado, for the International Linear Collider Workshop where they participated in our first GDE face-to-face meeting. On 16 August 2005, the GDE members trudged up the hill at Snowmass to a small meeting room – the birthplace of the GDE. At that meeting I defined our mission, our initial organisation and some of our milestones. Now, one year later, I'd like to reflect on how far we have come in our first year of existence.

-- Barry Barish

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