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New ILC Web Specialist to Implement EDMS

Web Specialist Maura Barone is focusing on implementing the Electronic Document Management System for the ILC.
In the beginning of September, the International Linear Collider gained its very own Web Specialist, Maura Barone. Dedicated to implementing the ILC's Electronic Document Management System and maintaining the project's web site, Barone joins the Global Design Effort after spending the past few years as a Research Assistant at INFN in Frascati, Italy, collaborating on the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

-- Elizabeth Clements


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

The International Workshop on Thin Films
Legnaro, Padua (ITALY)
9-12 October 2006

LCFOA Fall 2006 Membership Meeting
Argonne, IL and Batavia, IL
16-17 October 2006

EUDET Annual Meeting 2006
MPI Munich
18-20 October 2006

Mini-Workshop on Design Challenges of Small Angle IR
LAL and Dapnia, France
19 October 2006
20 October 2006

Single Crystal Niobium Technology Workshop (pdf)
Araxá mine in Brazil
30 October - 1 November 2006
Final Program (pdf)
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ILC – ECFA Valencia Workshop and GDE Meeting
Valencia, Spain
6-10 November 2006

CARE06 Annual Meeting
Frascati National Laboratories, Italy
15-17 November 2006

EUROTeV meeting
8-9 January 2007
Daresbury Laboratory, UK

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Feature Story
From CERN Courier: Particle physics and the press

Members of the InterAction collaboration met at DESY in Hamburg this week.
These are exciting times for particle physics, and the world's press are taking notice. As the Large Hadron Collider prepares to begin operations, as the International Linear Collider becomes an ever more clearly defined project, as programmes for neutrino physics and astrophysics flourish, and most of all as long-awaited discoveries reveal the secrets of the universe, our friends in the media will share the adventure. Their stories and articles, TV programmes, blogs and podcasts will inform and inspire others with the spirit of excitement that particle physicists are feeling at the start of the 21st century...

-- Courtesy of the CERN Courier

In the News
From Les Echos
9 October 2006
Course aux téléscopes vers la matière noire
To explain the nature of our universe, astrophysicists and particle physicists design the instruments which will shed light on the mysteries of dark matter...
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From The Guardian
8 October 2006
String theory: Is it science's ultimate dead end?
For decades, physicists have been sure they could explain the universe in a handful of complex equations: now many are starting to fear they have been led down a cul-de-sac (...)

From The New York Times
8 October 2006
Oh, for the Simple Days of the Big Bang
"FOURTEEN years ago, when a Berkeley astronomer named George F. Smoot declared that he and his satellite, the Cosmic Background Explorer, or COBE, had detected the astrophysical equivalent of the fingerprints of God, his euphoria was easy to understand..."

From Reuters
5 October 2006
Stinky feet, annoying noise top IgNobel prize list...
Research into stinky feet, a study on the sound of fingernails on a blackboard and a device that repels teen-agers with an annoying high-pitched hum on Thursday won IgNobel prizes – the humorous counterpart to this week's Nobel prizes...
Director's Corner
Pomp and Circumstance

Sheldon Glashow, Nobel Laureate in Physics, and Barry Barish receiving honorary degrees from the University of Bologna.
Last week, Sheldon Glashow of Boston University and I made a trip to Italy to receive honorary degrees in physics ("Lauree ad Honorem in Fisica") from the University of Bologna. The ceremony was very impressive, not just for the elegant caps and gowns we wore, but also for the long established traditions that the University carefully followed.

The University of Bologna is the oldest continuously operating university in the world, with a very proud tradition in science. Most appropriately, the subject of my "graduation speech" focused on the International Linear Collider, entitled "The Future of Particle Physics: the Case for Building another Huge Particle Accelerator." Shelly gave his talk on "Simplicity, Symmetry and Small Matrices," a theme that runs through his brilliant career in theoretical physics.

-- Barry Barish

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ILC-Related Preprints
6 Oct 2006
On MSSM charged Higgs boson production in association with an electroweak W boson at electron positron colliders

3 Oct 2006
New final doublets and power densities for the ILC small crossing angle layout.