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From Les Actualités du LAL: KEK and France Strengthen Particle and Accelerator Physics Collaboration

LAL director Guy Wormser and Fumihiko Takasaki, director of the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK, discuss potential areas of collaboration between the two laboratories.
At the occasion of the annual Japan-France directorate meeting, a KEK delegation visited French laboratories on 13 and 14 November to further promote research collaborations between France and Japan. KEK Director General Atsuto Suzuki, together with Fumihiko Takasaki and Osamu Shimomura, directors of the two KEK Institutes and Takahiko Kondo, Junji Haba and Koichiro Nishikawa met the first day the management of CEA/DSM and CNRS/IN2P3, the two French funding agencies for particle physics. The day after, they visited two IN2P3 laboratories in Orsay, IPNO (Orsay Institute of Nuclear Physics) and LAL (Linear Accelerator Laboratory). Here, visitors and hosts discussed areas of collaboration between LAL and KEK in detail. The French/KEK common programmes are endorsed by the newly created France-Japan Particle Physics International Associated Laboratory. The new laboratory's "French office" was opened at KEK on 1 November.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux

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ILC Perfume Mountain Meeting-What is the role of China and
the International Linear Collider (ILC), a large scientific international project
5-7 December 2006
Beijing, China

Third symposium on large TPC for low energy rare event detection
11-12 December 2006
Carré des Sciences, Paris, France

International Workshop on Silicon Sensors for High Energy Physics and Astrophysics
14-16 December 2006
Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

European LC WS Meeting
8-9 January 2007
Daresbury Laboratory, UK

MAC meeting
10-12 January 2007
Daresbury Laboratory, UK

Texas A&M University
15-26 January 2007

ILC Detector Test Beam Workshop
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
17-19 January 2007

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Feature Story
From Jefferson Lab News: Reaching New Heights in Accelerator Technology

ILC cavities (on top) and the five-cell cavities of Jefferson Lab's own CEBAF accelerator (bottom).
The International Linear Collider (ILC) is designed to collide high-energy electrons with high-energy positrons (electrons' antimatter counterparts). Once built, the ILC will serve as a powerful tool for scientists to address many of the most compelling questions of the 21st century - regarding the fundamental nature of matter, energy, space and time, dark matter, dark energy, and extra dimensions.

A cadre of scientists and accelerator professionals have come together to plan and design the ILC as a truly international scientific project. Known as the ILC Global Design Effort (GDE), the collaboration is tapping Jefferson Lab's more than two decades of experience building, processing and installing superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) technology in some of the world's largest accelerators.

-- Kandice Carter, Courtesy of Jefferson Lab News

In the News
From The New York Times
5 December 2006
China Pursues Major Role in Particle Physics
"...More important, Chinese particle physicists are poised to make a major contribution to one of the grandest collaborations of all, a proposed giant accelerator called the International Linear Collider, or I.L.C. ..."

5 December 2006
TRIUMF Announces Next Director
"...the TRIUMF Board of Management unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Nigel Lockyer as the next Director of TRIUMF..."

From The Daily Herald
4 December 2006
Fermilab works to gain residents' support
Proposed 20-mile tunnel would make U.S. a leader in high-energy physics research.

From Le Journal de CNRS
December 2006
A laboratory that defies the laws of physics
"Discoveries with particles do not cease to baffle the theories of traditional physics. Among the persons in charge are the physicists of LAL, who rival in ingenuity tracking, measuring and understanding the world of infinitely small particles, where the future of physics is profiled..."
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30 November 2006
Physics Frontier Goes Euro
"...This complicated mix of international scientific goals and national ambition is now helping drive particle physics' next multibillion-dollar proposal, a cross-border collaboration dubbed the International Linear Collider, or ILC. ..."
Director's Corner
Parameters for the Linear Collider An Update

As we explore the possible trade-offs to make the ILC Reference Design as cost effective as possible, we have needed sharper definitions for some of the stated parameters, making us consider alternatives. With this in mind, the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) reconvened their

Rolf-Dieter Heuer, chair of the ILCSC Linear Collider Parameters Subcommittee
parameters subcommittee who wrote the original parameters report that dictates the scientific requirements and hence the design for the ILC. In August, I wrote about this ILCSC action, gave the motivation and charge to the committee, and anticipated that a parameters update would be the result. The parameters subcommittee has now issued its update. This revised document is very timely for us as we take the final decisions before freezing the Reference Design Report.

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week

After an impressive trip into the stratosphere, a self-sustained 1.2 Tesla magnet has now also made longitudinal headway: last week, it arrived at DESY from KEK. Read more about the magnet or watch it arrive in the test hall.

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