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First Japanese ILC Detector Workshop Held at KEK

Hitoshi Murayama held a series of lectures on "Perspective of Particle Physics and Cosmology" in the evenings.
From 20 to 22 December 2006, the first Japanese "ILC Detector" Workshop took place at KEK. It was supported by the JSPS grant for Creative Scientific Research "Research and development of a novel detector system for the international linear collider," and about sixty participants - from undergraduate to senior researcher - from all over the country came to KEK. The main purpose of this workshop was to exchange news about the R&D status of ILC detectors and ideas on the Reference Design Report (RDR) and Detector Concept Report (DCR).

-- Nobuko Kobayashi


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

Texas A&M University
15-26 January 2007

ILC Detector Test Beam Workshop
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
17-19 January 2007

The 9th ACFA ILC Physics & Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting
IHEP, Beijing
4-7 February 2007

TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
23-26 April 2007

Annual WILGA Conference
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, Poland
21-27 May 2007

LCWS 2007
Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 4 June 2007

VII International workshop on Problems of Charged Particle Accelerators: Electron-positron Colliders
JINR-BINP, Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine)
2-8 September 2007

Warsaw, Poland
9-12 Sept 2007

12th International Workshop on Polarized Sources and Targets (PST 2007)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
10-14 September 2007

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Feature Story
EuroTeV Looks Ahead to the ILC Engineering Design Phase

EuroTeV talks covered the latest R&D on the laser wire system, an essential ingredient for achieving high luminosity by measuring the beam size and its location in the ILC.
Almost three years after EuroTeV (The European Design Study Towards a Global TeV Linear Collider) convened for the very first time at Daresbury Laboratory in February 2004, the collaboration met once again this past week amidst the rolling green hills and gusting gales to acknowledge programme accomplishments and discuss plans for the future.

EuroTeV is a 'design study' approved by the European Commission FP6 programme with an original lifespan of three years. It is addressing critical ILC R&D issues in aspects of beam dynamics, the beam delivery system, damping rings, the positron source, instrumentation systems, metrology and vibration stabilization. It is also investigating possibilities for future remote ILC operations via the 'Global Accelerator Network' concept. The Commission recently issued first calls under FP7 for new project proposals for 'preparatory phase' studies of major projects in the period 2008-13, and these are due in early May. The EuroTeV collaboration has hence started to think about how best to participate in ILC bids during this next funding period.

-- Elizabeth Clements

In the News
From FYI: The American Institute
of Physics

17 January 2007
DOE Outlines "Critical Impacts" of Flat Funding on Science and Other Programs
"...A year-long CR at the FY2006 funding level, with no further relief, will result in severe impacts to the program. A one-month furlough of all Fermilab employees will be necessary, except for personnel essential for safety and security..."

From Cosmic Log
16 January 2007
The next big machine in the world of science
"The next big machine in the world of science is the Large Hadron Collider, an $8 billion particle accelerator due to start operations late this year on the French-Swiss border..."

From Eureka Magazine
16 January 2007
Accelerator challenges move the frontiers
Tom Shelley reports on the large-scale precision requirements being set by plans to build the world’s next big particle accelerator.

From Scientific American
16 January 2007
String Theory's Extra Dimensions Must Be Less Than Half the Width of a Human Hair
"If extra dimensions of space exist, they must be smaller than about half the width of a human hair, according to new measurements of the strength of gravity at short distances..."

From Scientific American
16 January 2007
The Triangular Universe
"Imagine a landscape composed of microscopic triangular structures that constantly rearrange themselves into new patterns..."
Director's Corner
EuroTeV and MAC Meeting at Daresbury

The Machine Advisory Committee.
Today's issue features a Director's Corner from Brian Foster, GDE European Regional Director.

The holiday period has been a busy time for the GDE. Shortly before Christmas many of us gathered at SLAC to have a first look at the RDR and its costings with some distinguished external reviewers. Hardly had the New Year arrived when we met again, congregating from around the world to present this information, informed by many useful comments at SLAC, to the Machine Advisory Committee, chaired by Ferdinand Willeke of DESY. The meeting took place at the impressive new building at Daresbury Laboratory near Warrington, UK that houses two separate but intimately related organisations. One is ASTeC, the accelerator R&D arm of the Central Laboratory for the Research Councils in the UK; the other is the Cockroft Institute, one of two accelerator institutes founded somewhat over two years ago by PPARC, the UK funding authority for particle physics and astronomy. The other PPARC foundation is the John Adams Institute at Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London. The facilities at Daresbury are excellent, and were greatly conducive to a very productive week for the ILC project.

-- Brian Foster

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