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Finding a Common Language — Japan Society of Civil Engineers Announces Their ILC-Related Activities to the Press

The Japanese Society of Civil Engineers presented their plans to the press.
On 29 November last year, the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) met with the press to explain the activities and present status of their ILC subcommittee, called the Technical Committee on Civil Engineering Issues for Linear Collider Project. The LC subcommittee was launched in June 2006 (See NewsLine 24 August 2006). One of the goals is an active collaboration between civil engineers and physicists to understand the civil engineering aspects for building the ILC in Japan. The subcommittee studies the necessary planning, geological survey, design, construction and maintenance phases for the project. The LC subcommittee is the first collaboration between physics and civil engineering in Japan, and it paves the way for future collaborative research or support.

-- Nobuko Kobayashi


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Texas A&M University
15-26 January 2007

The 9th ACFA ILC Physics & Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting
IHEP, Beijing
4-7 February 2007

TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
23-26 April 2007

Annual WILGA Conference
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, Poland
21-27 May 2007

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From Fermilab Today: The final countdown: Meson Facility set for ILC Test Beam

Erik Ramberg shows off the recently renovated Meson Test Beam Facility. The facility and beamline have undergone significant improvements to host the testing of the latest generation of particle detectors.
At the opening session of the ILC Test Beam Workshop on Wednesday, participants learned how the upgraded Meson Test Beam Facility will keep pace with the high-precision measurements required by the proposed ILC. The upgraded facility is set to be commissioned next week.

-- Christine Buckley

In the News
23 January 2007
Physicists Develop Test for 'String Theory'
For decades, scientists have taken issue with “string theory”—a theory of the universe which contends that the fundamental forces and matter of nature can be reduced to tiny one-dimensional filaments called strings—because it does not make predictions that can be tested.

22 January 2007
New Theory of the Universe Marries Two of its Biggest Mysteries
Physicists have devised a theory that unifies two widely studied mysteries of the universe: why there is an imbalance between regular matter and anti-matter (scientists expect to see equal amounts of each, but observe less anti-matter), and the identity of "dark matter" – the enigmatic particles thought to account for the extra gravitational pull observed in distant galaxies.

From ChinaNews
18 January 2007
Scientists seek singing cosmic superstrings
Albert Einstein theorized they are there, cosmologists can't see them, but now scientists think they may be able to hear singing cosmic superstrings that generate gravitational waves.
Director's Corner
The Machine Advisory Committee Reviews the ILC Reference Design

Don Hartill, Cornell University, participating as a MAC reviewer. Note several GDE members in the background.
Our steady march toward completion and release of the ILC Reference Design Report (RDR) continued into the New Year with a Machine Advisory Committee review on 10-12 January. This important review took place in advance of our planned release of the report, which will occur at our upcoming GDE meeting in Beijing on 4-7 February. In contrast to our "internal" costing review in December, described in my 4 January 2007 column, this review covered both the reference design and the costing.

-- Barry Barish

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9th ACFA Workshop and GDE Meeting
The organisers of the Beijing workshop have just published the third Bulletin, including a useful map to print out and show to taxi drivers and information on shuttles and registration.

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19 Jan 2007
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21 Jan 2007
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