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From SLAC Today: ILC Physics: The Analysis Has Already Begun

A simulation of what the decay of a Z + Higgs to four jets would look like in an ILC detector. (Image courtesy of Norman Graf)
For the proposed International Linear Collider, physicists are trying to both design the most precise calorimeter ever and still be able to afford it. A calorimeter measures the energy of particles in a detector, and is typically the single most expensive part. If you reduce its performance slightly to reduce costs, how much have you sacrificed?

Learn more about ILC physics analyses (pdf)

-- Heather Rock Woods


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

ILCDR07 - Damping Rings R&D Meeting
LNF-INFN, Frascati, Italy
5-7 March 2007

The LHC Early Phase for the ILC
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
12-14 April 2007

TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
23-26 April 2007

Annual WILGA Conference
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, Poland
21-27 May 2007

LCWS 2007
Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 4 June 2007

VII International workshop on Problems of Charged Particle Accelerators: Electron-positron Colliders
JINR-BINP, Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine)
2-8 September 2007

Warsaw, Poland
9-12 Sept 2007

12th International Workshop on Polarized Sources and Targets (PST 2007)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
10-14 September 2007

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Feature Story
Japanese Diet Members started a workshop on ILC

The Japanese Diet members held their first workshop to study the social impacts and benefits of the ILC. A view of the Japanese capitol hill can be seen out the window.
On June 15 last year, the Japanese "Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of ILC" was formed (See NewsLine from 22 June 2006). The Diet members of the federation held a workshop with ILC researchers on 22 January 2007 in Nagatacho near Tokyo. Nobel laureate Masatoshi Koshiba and Professor Kazuo Nishimura (Kyoto University), who is a famous economist and author of the book "University students who cannot calculate fraction numbers", gave a lecture to the Diet members.

-- Satoru Yamashita

In the News
From New Scientist
15 February 2007
Collider costed - atom smashers don't come cheap

From COSMOS Magazine
15 February 2007
Dark matter and 'God particle' within reach

From Nature Magazine
15 February 2007
Physicists Pitch Biggest Accelerator (subscription required)

From iTWire
11 February 2007
International Linear Collider proposed to explore origins of universe

From Zeit online
10 February 2007
Wer soll das bezahlen?

From Le Figaro
10 February 2007
Un accélérateur pour éclairer le big bang

10 February 2007
Big Bang and bucks set to collide in inner space

From Chicago Tribune
9 February 2007
Cost of solving mysteries of universe: $6.7 billion

From Todito Noticias
9 February 2007
Recrearán primeros instantes del Universo

From China Daily
9 February 2007
$7b proposed for particle study

From Science Magazine
9 February 2007
International Team Releases Design, Cost for Next Great Particle Smasher (subscription required)

From International Herald Tribune
8 February 2007
Physicists plan costly look at the beginnings of the universe

From PhysicsWeb
8 February 2007
Multibillion-dollar collider plans unveiled

From Wired News
8 February 2007
Next-Gen Smasher To Cost $6.6B

From The New York Times
8 February 2007
Price of Next Big Thing in Physics: $6.7 Billion
Director's Corner
The International Linear Collider: Gateway to the Quantum Universe

The Terascale promises to revolutionise our views of the universe.
In addition to the technical reports released last week in Beijing that describe the reference design for the ILC, we also published in draft form a very attractive and informative companion document, “The International Linear Collider: Gateway to the Quantum Universe.” It can be downloaded in pdf format. The Reference Design Report (RDR), the Detector Concept Report (DCR) and this companion piece will all be published in final form this coming summer, after reviews and modifications are incorporated. The companion document tells the story of the ILC by those involved in designing and planning it. The document translates the technical and detailed materials for a much broader audience.

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week

How to Order Mushrooms in China
While in China last week for the Beijing ILC Workshop, Tom Himel from SLAC went out with a group of fellow scientists to a restaurant that specialised in mushrooms. Halfway through the meal, the group realised that they hadn't been served any mushrooms yet. Without a phrase book or a translator available, the group did their best to communicate with the waitress and order some mushrooms. After several attempts, Himel decided to draw a picture of a mushroom on a packet of napkins. His drawing did the trick! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When you are in China and don't speak Chinese, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning.

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11 Feb 2007
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