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Fermilab users conduct ILC detector beam test
Peeling paint? Leaky roof? No problem. Say the words “test beam facility” to a physicist, and the opportunity to collect real physics data will wash away any aesthetic issues. Literally.

University of Texas student Jacob Smith (left) and his advisor Jae Yu assemble the GEM chamber in the Meson Test Beam Facility.
This is at least how a team of Fermilab users from University of Texas at Arlington, Lousiana Tech University and Changwon National University in South Korea, reacted to the opportunity to test their ILC detector prototype in the Meson Test Beam Facility. “The setup in the test facility is great,” said Jae Yu of the University of Texas - Arlington, the lead institution for this study. “ It will be a very interesting run.”

-- Elizabeth Clements


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SiD Fermilab Workshop
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
9-11 April 2007

The LHC Early Phase for the ILC
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
12-14 April 2007

TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
23-26 April 2007

MAC Meeting
26-27 April 2007

DOE/NSF ILC Americas Regional Team Review
30 April - 2 May

ILC Software and Tools Workshop
LAL - Orsay
2-4 May 2007

CALICE Collaboration Meeting
Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
10-12 May 2007

Annual WILGA Conference
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, Poland
21-27 May 2007

POSIPOL 2007 Workshop
LAL-Orsay, France
23-25 May 2007

LCWS 2007
Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 4 June 2007

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Feature Story
Test Beam Encounters: ECal meets HCal
When scientists take their detector prototypes to a test beam they enter a parallel world.

Team in the beam: Asian ECal makes measurements in the test beam at DESY
Many basic needs are put on hold - the need for sunlight, regular meals or eight hours of sleep, for example. What counts is the beam time: you have three days, weeks or months to test your equipment, and you have to make the best of it because you might not get another chance. A team from Japan and Korea have just reached the halfway point of their time in the DESY test beam, calibrating, checking and recording data with their electromagnetic calorimeter prototype.

-- Barbara Warmbein

In Memoriam
John Santic
Fermilab engineer John Santic passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 24. He was 51 years old.

At the time of his death, Santic worked with the Conventional Facilities Siting group for the ILC.

John Santic
John Santic
His efforts were fundamental to the completion of the ILC Reference Design Report and the associated cost estimate presented in Beijing in February. “John was an excellent engineer, a friend and a valuable member of the CFS team,” said CFS Americas Regional Team Leader Vic Kuchler. “He will be sorely missed.”

Read more about John's life in an obituary published by Fermilab Today.

In the News
28 March 2007
PPARC announces £30m for physics Grid
Science computing in the UK has been boosted with the announcement by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) of £30m further funding for the UKs largest scientific Grid.

From The New York Times
24 March 2007
University of Florida Senate Denies Degree to Jeb Bush
...Though it rejected Mr. Bush, the Senate approved two other nominees, Andrew H. Hines Jr., a mechanical engineer and former power company executive who is an alumnus, and Barry C. Barish, professor emeritus of physics at the California Institute of Technology.

From Science Magazine
23 March 2007
LARGE HADRON COLLIDER: Stability, International Character Honed CERN's Competitive Edge
The qualities that helped the lab make the LHC a reality could put it a step ahead in the race for the next great particle smasher.

23 March 2007
Elegant physicist makes string theory sexy
If you're trying to impress the geeks, being a professional string theorist would have to put you pretty high up on the coolness scale. And if you're a string theorist with books, movies and TV shows to your credit, so much the better.
Director's Corner
ILC Project Tools: ILCDoc - Document Search and Store
We are in the process of building an integrated set of ILC project tools for communication, data archiving, engineering,

Maura Barone, GDE Project Tools Manager
costing, scheduling and project management. Already, we make extensive use of communication tools for organising and holding all of our meetings. The basic meeting planning tool we use is Indico, which I wrote about in a previous column. Our version is synchronised with the official CERN version and we already have more than 6000 separate events (conferences, meetings and talks) stored. We often combine Indico with “webex,” a web-based meeting tool for holding scheduled on-line meetings.

Today I am announcing the official release of our next ILC project tool, the document server ILCDoc, which is based on CERN CDS-Invenio document server.

-- Barry Barish

Director's Corner Archive

SLAC Colloquium: The Reference Design for the ILC, Costs and What's Next
On Monday, March 26, SLAC hosted a colloquium, “The Reference Design for the ILC, Costs and What's Next.” GDE Director Barry Barish presented a 30-minute introduction to the ILC's features and design status, followed by a panel discussion on the future of the project, moderated by Marty Breidenbach and featuring Barish, Jonathan Dorfan, Tor Raubenheimer, Burt Richter and Abe Seiden. The colloquium can be viewed online.

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21 Mar 2007
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Usability Review Report of GANMVL Prototype 2.1

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