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How a calorimeter could save your life

Nicola d'Ascenzo and Alexander Tadday and their experimental setup to test photo sensors.
Not many people see an immediate connection between exploring the origins of the Universe and finding cancer cells. Nicola d'Ascenzo and his colleagues sure do. In their work to test photo sensors as potential candidates for an ILC hadronic calorimeter they have come across a sensor that could be extremely interesting for positron emission tomography or PET, an imaging techniques that identifies cancerous cells in a body by detecting emitted gamma rays.

-- Barbara Warmbein


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TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
23-26 April 2007

MAC Meeting
26-27 April 2007

DOE/NSF ILC Americas Regional Team Review
30 April - 2 May

ILC Software and Tools Workshop
LAL - Orsay
2-4 May 2007

CALICE Collaboration Meeting
Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
10-12 May 2007

Annual WILGA Conference
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, Poland
21-27 May 2007

POSIPOL 2007 Workshop
LAL-Orsay, France
23-25 May 2007

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Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 3 June 2007

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Feature Story
SiD plans for the road ahead

Marty Breidenbach moderated the SiD town hall meeting, a highlight of the workshop that encouraged discussion.
At last week's Silicon Detector (SiD) concept meeting, participants used several words starting with the letter F -- Flow, as in particle flow; Funding, as in the need for more resources and manpower to fund detector R&D project; and Freezing, as in the weather at Fermilab. Approximately 70 members of SiD met at Fermilab to share the latest R&D results and plan for the future, namely how to prepare a draft Concept Design Report by this time next year.

-- Elizabeth Clements

In the News
17 April 2007
U.S. losing its lead in a vital branch of physics
The United States is losing its lead in high-energy physics, a field of science it's dominated since the 1930s.
Scientists say Europe is now in the vanguard of a worldwide search to discover the deepest secrets that Mother Nature hides in bits and pieces of atoms.

From Science Daily
14 April 2007
Physicists Designing Detector for International Particle Collider
John Hauptman stood before an international gathering of particle physicists and announced he had another idea. One that was different. One that was simpler. And best of all, one that he was sure would work.

From nature
12 April 2007
Physicists question model of the Universe
The search continues for a non-standard theory. Cosmologists gathered in London last month to voice their concerns over the current 'standard' model of the Universe.

From nature
12 April 2007
Science without borders
Researchers should push for rule changes to make Europe work as one.
If European science is to prosper, the barriers that prevent seamless interactions between scientists in different nations need to come down.
Director's Corner
The role of industries during the ILC engineering design phase

Ken Olsen, President of the LCFOA
To strengthen our efforts for the ILC engineering design phase, we intend to increase our focus on industrialisation. We recognise that in order to make realistic funding proposals to our governments, we will need to work more closely with industry. On 28 February, a meeting of the Linear Collider Forum of America (LCFOA) was held in Washington DC. It was very well attended and proved to be a lively forum for discussions of industrial participation and included comments and interactions with several U.S. Congressmen. (See NewsLine, 8 March) During the formal programme, I spoke on the status of the ILC global design effort, especially the milestone of producing a reference design and costing. There was much interest both in the process of achieving our design and regarding the specific technical features. Earlier, I participated in a similar meeting in Tokyo with the Japan Linear Collider Forum and I also have met with representatives of the European Industrial Forum. Today, I reflect on where we can best make use of industry as we move forward, as well as indicate some of the issues involved.

-- Barry Barish

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Signs of spring

The first buffalo babies were born at Fermilab last weekend (read more). Do you see signs of spring in your lab? Then send us your pictures!


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