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Living the Standard Model and Beyond: DESY Theorist Peter Zerwas retires

More than theory: Siegfried Bethke hugs retiree Peter Zerwas after his speech.
In a packed auditorium many of world's leading high-energy physics brains celebrated ‘one of the sculptors of the physics of the ILC which wouldn’t be doable without him’, said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, DESY, and ‘not just a colleague, more of a friend’, said Siegfried Bethke, Max Planck Institute for Physics. Last Tuesday, a day before the start of the ILC / LCWS 07 symposium, they had gathered for a colloquium in honour of theorist Peter Zerwas, who is retiring at the age of 65, ‘after more than 250 publications, 12000 citations and certainly many more to come’, said Albrecht Wagner, DESY Director-General.

-- Barbara Warmbein


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LCWS 2007
Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 3 June 2007

ILC 2007
Hamburg, Germany
30 May - 2 June 2007

ILCSC Meeting
1 June 2007

Workshop on Possible Parity Restoration at High Energy
IHEP, Beijing
11-12 June 2007

US ILC Detector R&D Review
Argonne National Laboratory
19-20 June 2007

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Feature Story
ILC industry thinks outside the box

FALC has commissioned a study on the technical benefits of the ILC, something that will push scientists to think outside the box
What do the International Linear Collider and nuclear waste transmutation, cargo inspection or food and water sterilisation have in common? Technology. The same technology that the ILC will use to explore the fundamental nature of the universe may also have potential applications in other areas of science and industry. This is what a group of ILC scientists and industry met to discuss at an ILC Technical Applications Workshop on 15 May in Dulles, Virginia.

-- Elizabeth Clements

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Moin, moin!

In a tent that appears to be larger on the inside than on the outside, more than 600 participants are gathering for the ILC and LCWS 2007 workshops at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. Here are some impressions from the first day.
Workshop talks are available online.
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From Deutschlandfunk - Forschung Aktuell
31 May 2007
Schnurgerade Teilchenbahn
A 3-minute piece about the ILC on German national public radio. Listen to Barry, Lutz and Ties in German!

From SLAC Today
24 May 2007
Science Today: “ILC Tribes” Gather
Last month Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory served as host for a “gathering of the International Linear Collider (ILC) tribes.” Three back-to-back meetings covered superconducting (SC) technology R&D, an international review of the ILC Global Design Effort (GDE) and a review of R&D progress in the Americas.

From Nature Magazine
24 May 2007
Japan centres aim to put science in premier league
Japan's top researchers are this week putting the finishing touches to their applications to run a World Premier International Research Center, the grandiose title of the latest government effort to boost Japanese scientists' links with their colleagues overseas.
Director's Corner
MAC review of global ILC R&D programme

Bill Willis, chair of the GDE R&D Board
During the ILC reference design phase, leading up to the Reference Design Report (RDR), the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) appointed a Machine Advisory Committee (MAC) to provide technical reviews of our work. This committee has been very busy, meeting four times in a little over a year first to review progress in producing the RDR for their first three meetings. The committee recently held their fourth meeting on 26-27 April to review the plan for research and development (R&D), which will be necessary before the start of ILC construction. Their report from this recent meeting has just been issued. The report and our point-by-point responses will be presented to ILCSC on 1 June. This was the last scheduled meeting of the present MAC as charged in their mandate, although I fully anticipate that a new form of a MAC or technical advisory committee will be formed by the ILCSC to monitor our progress during the engineering design phase.

-- Barry Barish

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arXiv preprints
28 May 2007
The International Linear Collider

21 May 2007
Dijet production in generic contact interaction at linear colliders

ILC Notes
Representation of work spaces using a parametric model to support time-space conflicts analysis (A case study for time-space conflict analysis for the International Linear Collider project)

Control System Architecture Model for ILC Reference Design

Start-to-end transport design and multi-particle tracking for the ILC electron source