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DOE and NSF Review US Detector R&D Programme

The international community aims to select two detector concepts by the end of 2008.
The cacophonous tune of cicadas serenaded the physicists at last week’s Department of Energy and National Science Foundation review of the US Detector R&D Programme for the International Linear Collider. Harry Weerts, the High Energy Physics Director at Argonne National Laboratory, where the review took place, vividly remembered the last time the cicadas visited --17 years ago when another detector milestone was in the making. “I remember it well because we were commissioning the DZero detector at Fermilab,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the next time the cicadas come around and seeing what the world looks like then.”

-- Elizabeth Clements

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Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC07)
Albuquerque, USA
25-29 June 2007

Photon 2007
Paris, France
9-13 July 2007

2007 Cryogenic Engineering Conference and
International Cryogenic Materials Conference

Chattanooga Convention Center
Chattanooga, Tennessee USA
16-20 July 2007

European Physical Society HEP 2007
Manchester, UK
19-25 July 2007

Toward the ILC: A Fermilab Community School on R&D Challenges and Opportunities
25 - 27 July 2007

2007 SLAC Summer Institute
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
30 July - 10 August 2007

Lepton-Photon 2007
Daegu, Korea
13-18 August 2007

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EUDET’s Telescope

Three boards of the EUDET telescope passed the test.
Those scientists who develop detectors know a few magic words. Test beam is one, chip is one, DAQ is one. Telescope is another – and a prototype of one of these detector R&D ‘wands’ has just been tested in DESY’s 6-GeV electron beam as part of EUDET’s ‘Joint Research Activity 1’. EUDET is a Europe-funded and Europe-wide project for detector R&D, and one of its core activities is to test beam infrastructures – which include the telescope. It was also the first real test beam since the start of this EUDET activity.

-- Barbara Warmbein

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From Interactions News Wire
27 June 2007
European astroparticle physicists publish a roadmap to the stars
To answer some of the most exciting mysteries of the Universe, European astroparticle physicists have today published a roadmap to the stars.

From symmetry magazine
May 2007
The Search for Dark Energy
What is this stuff that fills the vacuum of space, accelerates the expansion of the universe, and accounts for 70 percent of everything? More than two dozen experiments aim to find out.

From symmetry magazine
May 2007
The Great String Debate
Inside, the auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, was packed and humming in anticipation. Outside, a man waved a sign at stragglers hurrying for the door: “Need One Ticket for String Theory Debate.”
Director's Corner
Developing a roadmap for ILC detectors

François Richard presented a detector roadmap to the ILC community at LCWS07
In about three years, we expect to have an engineering design (EDR) with costs and a plan for building the ILC that can serve as the basis of proposals to our funding agencies. We will also have to come forward at the same time with an associated plan for the research programme, so that it can also be assessed for funding. The timescale to build, assemble and test an ILC detector is not much shorter than for the machine, therefore funding will be required at nearly the same time. With that in mind, I have advocated for a long time to get the detector timescale onto a similar track as the machine. This is not an easy task as it involves many subtleties. At the LCWS and ILC 07 meetings at DESY a few weeks ago, the World Wide Study (WWS) co-leaders (Jim Brau, François Richard and Hitoshi Yamamoto) presented such a plan to the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) and the ILC community for discussion.

-- Barry Barish

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arXiv preprints
26 Jun 2007
CP asymmetries with Longitudinal and Transverse Beam Polarizations in Neutralino Production and Decay into the Z0 Boson at the ILC

21 Jun 2007
Collider Phenomenology of Unparticle Physics

19 Jun 2007
Implications of right-handed neutrinos with electroweak-scale masses

EUDET Reports
Estimation of radiation effects in the front-end electronics of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter

EUROTeV Reports
Vacuum Systems for the ILC Damping Rings

Study of Fill Patterns for the ILC Electron Damping Ring

Ion Effects Estimation in the ILC Damping Ring

Evaluation of the Component Tolerances for the ILC Main Linac Assuming Global Linear Corrections

Study of Beam-Beam Effects with Offset and Angle Scans

Improved 2 mrad Crossing Angle Layout for the International Linear Collider