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XFEL coupler industrialisation
at LAL

LAL engineers, working on coupler prototypes.
During an XFEL (European X-ray laser facility) project meeting, on 2 July at DESY, the main European contributors discussed in-kind contributions for the project. The meeting attendees agreed that France would play a large role in the production of power couplers for the XFEL. The LAL coupler group, at Orsay, will therefore be responsible for following the coupler production, their commissioning and delivery to DESY. To accomplish these tasks, the lab is now pursuing a big effort focused on coupler industrialisation. “This effort will be an exemplary exercise for ILC couplers production,” said Alessandro Variola, head of the LAL group.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux

See also the last presentation on coupler industrialisation at LCWS07 (by Serge Prat)


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CHEP 07 - International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Victoria, Canada
2-7 September 2007

VII International workshop on Problems of Charged Particle Accelerators: Electron-positron Colliders
JINR-BINP, Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine)
2-8 September 2007

TWEPP 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
3-7 Sept 2007

Warsaw, Poland
9-12 Sept 2007

12th International Workshop on Polarized Sources and Targets (PST 2007)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
10-14 September 2007

CALICE Collaboration meeting
Prague, Czech Republic
11-13 September 2007

ILC Positron Source Collaboration Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
17-19 September 2007

Workshop on ILC Interaction Region Engineering Design
17-21 September 2007

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Second International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders
Ettore Majorana Center, Erice (Sicily), Italy
1-10 October 2007

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Progress from Korea

ICFA chair Albrecht Wagner making a toast at the Lepton Photon 2007 banquet.
As a virtual collaboration, members of the ILC community took advantage of last week’s Lepton Photon conference and held parallel meetings for the GDE Executive Committee, ILC Steering Committee (ILCSC) and the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA).

"We are all impressed that such good progress has been made," said ILCSC Chair Shin-Ichi Kurokawa in response to receiving the completed Reference Design Report from Barry Barish on 15 August. "We appreciate the comprehensive amount of work put into this final RDR. The ‘troika’ project managers also briefed us about the three regions moving positively toward coherent accelerator R&D programmes world-wide. In addition, we will soon be able to announce the name of a new research director who will organise the experiments.” Kurokawa explained that it is the ILCSC's role to oversee ILC R&D activities as a whole, including the accelerator and experiments. Extending the role of the Machine Advisory Committee to cover the detector R&D activities will be discussed under the next ILCSC chair, Enzo Iarocci from Frascati, who will take over at the next meeting in October.

-- Youhei Morita

In the News
From SLAC Today
21 August 2007
Tor Raubenheimer Becomes Assistant Director for Accelerator R&D; Division Restructured
Tor Raubenheimer, the head of the International Linear Collider (ILC) group at SLAC, has been named the new Assistant Director for SLAC's Accelerator Research Division...

From Fermilab Today
21 August 2007
Director's Corner: Making hay while the sun shines
...At the ILCSC meeting Barry Barish, the Director of the Global Design Effort, made the official presentation of the ILC Reference Design Report to the chair of the ILCSC, Professor Shin-Ichi Kurokawa...

From Live Science
21 August 2007
Greatest Mysteries: Is There a Theory of Everything?
Ancient philosophers thought wind, water, fire and earth were the most basic elements of the cosmos, but the study of the small has since grown up...

From Chicago Tribune
20 August 2007
'X' marks Fermilab future
Fermilab is floating plans for a new $500 million particle accelerator in hopes of paving the way for a much larger project and shoring up the lab's fragile position in the world of high-energy physics...
Read more... (registration required)

From Kane County Chronicle
14 August 2007
Fermilab's future a black hole?
...Fermilab officials have examined the possibility of building an International Linear Collider, or ILC, as part of the lab's future, Jackson said...
Director's Corner
Congratulations Tor!

Tor Raubenheimer, new SLAC Assistant Director, and his wife Jen celebrating more than the SLAC promotion.
For more than two decades now, SLAC has been pursuing R&D toward a TeV-scale linear collider. In the GDE, SLAC accelerator scientists played leading roles in almost all aspects of the ILC’s design effort that produced our Reference Design Report,. As we move into the future, we fully expect SLAC to continue its crucial central role in our project. This week SLAC announced a restructuring of their accelerator development efforts by bringing their ILC, Large Hadron Collider R&D and High Luminosity R&D groups together into a restructured Accelerator Research Division, and named Tor Raubenheimer as the new Assistant Director. A natural question to pose is what impact these changes will have on SLAC’s ILC design efforts and on Tor’s central role in the GDE.

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week

Physics Meets Fashion

In addition to hearing about the latest physics results at the Lepton Photon Conference, held last week in Daegu, Korea, the meeting organisers also made sure that the attendees learned something about their part of the country. Daegu, for example, is known as the city of textile, making it appropriate to conclude the conference banquet with a Korean Traditional Costume Fashion Show.

-- Youhei Morita


arXiv preprints
20 Aug 2007
The LCFIVertex Package: vertex detector-based Reconstruction at the ILC

15 Aug 2007
Higgs Particle: The Origin of Mass

10 Aug 2007
Light scalar at LHC: the Higgs or the dilaton?

9 Aug 2007
Survey of Lepton Number Violation Via Effective Operators

9 Aug 2007
Single production of heavy top quark from the three-site Higgsless model

9 Aug 2007
Associated production of graviton with e+ e- pair via photon-photon collisions at a linear collider

7 Aug 2007
A Gauge Model of Neutrino and New Physics Beyond Standard Model