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John Osborne took over officially from Jean-Luc Baldy at ALCPG.
The ILC Reference Design Report companion document, Gateway to the Quantum Universe played a symbolic role for CERNís Jean-Luc Baldy as he passed the torch to John Osborne, also from CERN, during the ALCPG07 workshop at Fermilab this week. For the past two years, Baldy served as one of the Conventional Facilities & Siting group leaders for the Global Design Effort. He retires later this year, and the ALCPG workshop marks the official transition from Baldy to Osborne. “In the time that Jean-Luc was part of the GDE, we completed our baseline design and reference design for the ILC,” said GDE Director Barry Barish. “His contributions to the CFS group helped us reach these two important milestones, and we will miss his wisdom and resourceful problem-solving skills.”

-- Elizabeth Clements


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ALCPG 2007
22-26 October 2007

2007 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
27 October - 3 November 2007

CARE07 Annual Meeting
29-31 October 2007

CCAST ILC Accelerator Workshop and 1st Asia ILC R&D Seminar
IHEP, Beijing, China
5-7 November 2007

ILC EDMS Power User Training
26-30 November 2007

International Vacuum Symposium, IVS-2007
Homi Bhabha Auditorium, TIFR, Colaba, Mumbai, India
28-30 November 2007
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US Particle Accelerator School
UC at Santa Cruz
14-25 January 2007

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Feature Story
Live from ALCPG

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A hotel built around a New Orleans street, burgers for lunch, autumn colours, bison and a duelling piano - this must be ALCPG! More than 300 machine and detector people and theorists have been debating and planning the ILC's entry into the Engineering Design Phase this week and are now looking forward to the R&D tours this afternoon and the conference dinner tonight. DOE Under Secretary for Science Raymond L. Orbach addressed the community on Monday. A lively 'duelling scientists' session on Tuesday circled around questions on the project's future. The vertex detector review is still going on, and the new Research Director will officially take up office on Friday, so stay tuned for more news next week. In the meantime have a look at some impressions of the week so far.

Readers Write
Not like in the movies
NewsLine has 1850 suscribers - that means at least 1850 readers with at least 1850 opinions. We would like to give you the opportunity to share your opinion with others and have created this section in NewsLine: Readers Write. Karsten Buesser (DESY) kicks off this new forum with a letter about the feature story 'ILC physicists build their dream house' published on 11 October. Send us an email if you want to be next!

First of all I agree completely with the major part of your story and I enjoyed a lot the description of the workshop discussions. However I am not quite happy with your introduction. Though it gives a nice analogy of things which really also can happen in engineering design efforts for detectors and accelerators, I fear it somehow transports the wrong message. One could get the impression that the ILC physicists live in their dream world designing unrealistic and expensive detectors without taking care of the engineering and financial reality.

-- Karsten Buesser, DESY

In the News
From Fermilab Today
25 October 2007
Music, opinions ring out at Dueling Pianos event
"Fermilab tried a new tack this week to provide people a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the future of the ILC...."

From Fermilab Today
23 October 2007
An important day
... Bringing the development of the U.S. part of the ILC under the order has important consequences for our ILC activities.

From Science
19 October 2007
Scientific Facilities: Location, Location, Location
... The ILC is the next big machine on particle physicists' shopping list. Researchers around the world are currently working on a detailed design for the machine and they've done some testing of "sample sites" in the United States, Europe, and Japan. "We're very early in the process, but probably our biggest lesson from ITER is to avoid the 'all or nothing' situation," Barish says.

From Wired
18 October 2007
Next-Gen Particle Collider's Slick New Sales Brochure
"The folks behind the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC), a next-gen particle smasher that would complement Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), have posted a slick new Web site explaining why their project is worth funding..."
Director's Corner
Project Managers' World Tour
Today's issue features a Director's Corner from Nick Walker, Project Manager for the Global Design Effort.

Been there, done that: the kick-off meeting world tour dates.
For my first appearance as guest author for the Directorís Corner, I find it fitting that I am writing this in an airport lounge. I am currently waiting to get on a plane to fly to the Fermilab Global Design Effort meeting, where we will finally say goodbye to the Reference Design phase, and formally begin the new Engineering Design (ED) phase for the ILC. By the time you read this article, the meeting will be (almost) over, and with it will conclude a very busy planning phase for the International Linear Collider project management.

-- Nick Walker

Director's Corner Archive

The announcement in last week's NewsLine for sending IDAG nominations to Maury Tigner was put in by mistake. The original email was sent by the LCSGA to three mailing lists of the Americas region, and the request only applies to that region. We apologise for the confusion the Announcement may have caused.

arXiv preprints
20 Oct 2007
H and A Discrimination using Linear Polarization of Photons at the PLC

17 Oct 2007
Roadmap for ILC Detector R&D Test Beams

14 Oct 2007
Probing CP properties of the Higgs Boson via e+e- → ttbar φ