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TPC: a digital breakthrough

The mini TPC chamber which was used at Saclay to test the new Timepix chips.
Digitisation - a key word that could lead to smaller and simpler detectors. Two weeks ago, at Saclay, France, the CEA Time Projection Chamber group of Paul Colas proved it could build a digital TPC for the ILC. A truly collaborative effort, this breakthrough could significantly reduce the cost and simplify the implementation of this sub-detector.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

2007 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
27 October - 3 November 2007

CARE07 Annual Meeting
29-31 October 2007

CCAST ILC Accelerator Workshop and 1st Asia ILC R&D Seminar
IHEP, Beijing, China
5-7 November 2007

ILC EDMS Power User Training
26-30 November 2007

International Vacuum Symposium, IVS-2007
Homi Bhabha Auditorium, TIFR, Colaba, Mumbai, India
28-30 November 2007
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Physics at the Terascale Kick-off Workshop
DESY, Hamburg
3-5 December 2007

3rd Mini-Workshop on ILC Damping Rings R&D
18-20 December 2007

Upcoming schools

US Particle Accelerator School
UC at Santa Cruz
14-25 January 2008

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Committed to committees

Shin-ichi Kurokawa (left), former ILCSC chair, introduces his successor, Enzo Iarocci (centre) and the ILC Research Director Sakue Yamada (right).
As the new chair of the ILC Steering Committee (ILCSC), Enzo Iarocci will have to do a lot of negotiating. Not only with the other members of the Steering Committee or the ILC community, but most of all with his wife. “In this new position I will have to probably travel even more than I thought,” he says, “and my wife is less than pleased about that...”

-- Barbara Warmbein

Image of the Week

Scenes from ALCPG - Part II

The ALCPG organisers are all sleeping a bit easier this week, on the road to recovery after last week's workshop. From sampling hot chile peppers to visiting Fermilab's buffalo, here is a glimpse of the last couple days of the meeting.
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In the News
From symmetry magazine
September 2007
Fermilab's path to the future
A new report gives top priority to developing the International Linear Collider, while laying out a plan for science that could be done along the way.

From Fermilab Today
29 October 2007
Director's Corner - Collaboration with India
Last month Fermilab signed an agreement with Indian laboratories and universities to collaborate on the ILC and more generally to collaborate in the development of superconducting radio frequency (SCRF) linacs.

From Science Magazine
26 October 2007
Slow down you move too fast
Physicists developing an engineering design for the proposed multibillion-dollar International Linear Collider (ILC) are getting ahead of themselves, Raymond Orbach, undersecretary for science at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), warned this week.

From Fermilab Today
26 October 2007
Early, open communication highlighted for ILC sites
Craig Jones once debated egging DOE buses in the area for a talk about a proposed giant high-energy physics experiment in Illinois in the late 1980s.
Director's Corner
Critical decisions

Raymond Orbach, Under Secretary of Science for the DOE.
Last week was an eventful week. The ALCPG07 and GDE meetings at Fermilab, attended by over 300 scientists and engineers, marked the completion of the ILC Reference Design Report and the beginning of the engineering design activities. The joint plenary session on the first day of the meeting featured a presentation (video and slides) by Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Under Secretary for Science at the Department of Energy. He made a number of key points. He noted the importance of our recently released RDR in planning the future course of the ILC. He commented on the need to formalise the international ILC partnerships between interested governments. He issued a directive to proceed with the US funded ILC R&D through the DOE Critical Decision process. He stated the need for the Global Design Effort to take into account the constraints of obtaining government funding in our schedules for the ILC.

-- Barry Barish

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arXiv preprints
29 Oct 2007
First results of systematic studies done with different types of Silicon Photomultipliers

26 Oct 2007
CP violation in SUSY

25 Oct 2007
Heavy sfermions in SUSY analysis at LHC and ILC

24 Oct 2007
QCD Factorizations in Exclusive γ* γ* -> ρ0L ρ0L

23 Oct 2007
NNNLO correction to the toponium and bottomonium wave-functions at the origin

23 Oct 2007
Factorization Approach for Top Mass Reconstruction at High Energies