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From Fermilab Today: Fermilab reaches milestone with successful cavity test

A 3.9 GHz cavity, created at Fermilab, was successfully tested two weeks ago. (Photo: Dan Olis)
A successful test of a dressed 3.9 GHz superconducting radiofrequency cavity last week put Fermilab among an elite group that can produce cutting-edge, high-powered accelerator components.

-- Rhianna Wisniewski


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

ILC Vertex Detector Workshop
Villa Vigoni, Menaggio, Italy
21-24 April 2008

Workshop on High energy photon collisions at the LHC
CERN, Geneva
21-25 April 2008

FCAL Collaboration Meeting
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow, Poland
6-7 May 2008

LoopFest VII
Radiative Corrections for the LHC and ILC

University at Buffalo, Amherst, New York, USA
14-16 May 2008

Budker INP, Novosibirsk, Russia
25-30 May 2008

XXII Symposium on Photonics and Electronics for Accelerators and High Energy Physics Experiments
Warsaw University of Technology Resort, WILGA
26 May - 1 June 2008

GDE Meeting - ILC Conventional Facilities and Siting Workshop
JINR, Dubna, Russia
3-7 June 2008

ECFA 2008
Warsaw, Poland
9-12 June 2008

Upcoming schools

Terascale Monte Carlo School
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
21-24 April 2008

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It's ladies' night
Today's issue features a story from Junpei Fujimoto, a particle simulation specialist at KEK, who is very active in ILC outreach in Japan.

Takahashi and Yuasa with the moderators Kaida and Kojima during the Accelerator's Ladies' Night.
In Japan, several attempts are being made to bring accelerator science to the people, such as the open house at KEK, a summer school for high school students, lectures in high schools and middle schools, science cafés, and so on. Among them, there is also the "Accelerator's Night" series at a bar (read more). The latest one was held on 14 April and called "Accelerator Ladies' Night", produced by members of the ILC fan-club in a bar in Tokyo near Shin-Okubo station, an area famous for its Korean-style barbecue restaurants.

-- Junpei Fujimoto

In the News
From Fermilab Today
23 April 2008
Dr. Orbach addresses Fermilab in lab-wide meeting
Dr. Raymond Orbach visited Fermilab Tuesday to learn about the laboratory's advances and long-range plans as well as to offer support for its future for decades to come.

From Daily Chronicle
18 April 2008
Lawmaker seeks to restore millions in funds for Fermilab
U.S. Rep. Bill Foster is asking for millions to restore lost funding to his former employer, Fermilab.

From symmetry breaking
18 April 2008
Fermilab Meson Test Beam Facility begins testing detector
An important new ILC calorimeter research program was installed in the the Fermilab Meson Test Beam Facility on April 15, 2008.

From symmetry breaking
17 April 2008
Extreme particle acceleration with lasers (APS April 2008)
... Wim Leemans of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory talked about a project called BELLA that could potentially match the energy of the proposed 20 kilometer International Linear Collider in a few hundred meters instead.
Director's Corner
The value of science
Today's issue features a Director's Corner from Nick Walker, Project Manager for the Global Design Effort.

Nick Walker

What is your science worth? A question I have recently heard raised during many over-coffee discussions. The question is of course rhetorical: none of us can really answer it. But the fact that it is being asked at all is part of a reaction to the GDE management's policy to make the cost of the project a central focus of the Technical Design Phase.

-- Nick Walker

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Image of the Week
Springtime for SiD

Scientists working on the Silicon Detector (SiD), a possible detector for the ILC, met last week at Rutherford Appleton Lab near Oxford in the UK. The more than 60 participants discussed status and plans of their detector. Check future NewsLines for a more detailed report.

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