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Thirty perfect cavities: liftoff!
European ILC-HiGrade project officially launched

ILC-HiGrade kicked off on Friday at DESY (Photo: DESY)
There are many official stages to a project financed by the European Commission – from call, proposal, negotiations, contract draft, start of work, annual reports to one of the most official events: the kick-off meeting. Europe's new flagship project on cavity production and exploration of international governance structures, ILC-HiGrade took this step last week. Representatives form all eight work packages were at DESY to present their objectives, their to-do lists and the milestones already achieved.

-- Barbara Warmbein


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

CALICE Collaboration Meeting
Manchester, UK
8-10 September 2008

ILD meeting
Cambridge, UK
11-13 September 2008

Conference on the Design/ Optimization of the Silicon Detector at the International Linear Collider
University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA
17-19 September 2008

Workshop of the Collaboration on Forward Calorimetry at ILC
Belgrade, Serbia
22-24 September 2008

Workshop on Sources of Polarized Electrons and High Brightness Electron Beams (PESP 2008)
JLab, Newport News, Virginia, USA
1-4 October 2008

Upcoming school

Third International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders (2008 LC School)
Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
19-29 October 2008

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Feature Story
From DESY inForm: Together We're Strong
An IEEE Conference satellite workshop starts at DESY

Prototype of a MAPS (Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor): Pixel sensors very similar to these built for the International Linear Collider are currently developed for the European XFEL
Faster, higher, farther! The motto of this year’s Olympic Games is also valid for the development of research opportunities. But unlike the Olympic athletes who struggle to beat world records by fractions of hundredths, the development of accelerator experiments is progressing in such extreme steps that researchers have to clear completely new hurdles – their measuring instruments are too inaccurate.

-- Thomas Zoufal, DESY

In the News
From nature
2 September 2008
Physicists aflutter about data photographed at conference
Digital cameras snap slides ahead of publication.

From New Scientist
2 September 2008
Galactic supercrash proves rarity of antimatter
In the early universe, the theory goes, matter and antimatter – which has the same mass as matter, but the opposite charge – should have been created in equal amounts. But as far as we can tell, our universe is made of matter.

From KEK: DG's corner
1 September 2008
Two projects launched to make KEK more interactive with outside societies
We prepared KEK Project Roadmap for upcoming years last fall and the proposal was examined by the International Roadmap Review Committee last March.

From New Scientist Blogs
1 September 2008
Why the world WON'T end on September 10
Hurray for the European Court of Human Rights. It has rejected an emergency injunction to block the Large Hadron Collider from turning on on 10 September.

28 August 2008
The hunt for the Higgs steps up a gear
The hunt for the Higgs boson, the most highly sought-after particle in physics, received a boost this month with the release of two new results from the Tevatron particle collider at the US Department of Energy's Fermilab in Illinois.
Director's Corner
High Energy Physics in Philadelphia — ICHEP 08

International Conference on High Energy Physics 2008
There are many conferences in high-energy physics, maybe too many! The International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) however, once affectionately called the Rochester Conference, is considered central in our field. It takes place every second year. This year the meeting was held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. First and foremost, I want to note that the ILC was very well represented with an excellent talk by Nobu Toge from KEK. Nobu covered the ILC from the standpoints of the physics, the accelerator and the detectors.

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week
Open House at KEK

Some new ILC collaborators "素粒子戦隊 リニアコライダー(the Particle Power Rangers, a.k.a. Liniako Riders)made their debut at KEK's open house on 31 August. They are not only portrayed on the new and former Asian Regional Directors' t-shirts but also have their own video created by a grass-roots group "ILC supporters" (Reveal-lab co and U.Tokyo, et al).

Follow the LHC start-up live in your lab
Many labs that are involved in the LHC are planning press conferences, big bang breakfasts or even pajama parties for the planned first beam in the LHC on 10 September. Find out here what's planned at your lab or how to connect to the live webcast from CERN.

EUROTeV Reports
Vibration Stabilization for a Cantilever Magnet Prototype at a Subnanometer Scale

Simulation Studies of Correlated Misalignments in the ILC Main Linac and the Influence of Ground Motion

Collimation Aperture for the Beam Delivery System of the International Linear Collider

Effect of Collimator Wakefields in the Beam Delivery System of the International Linear Collider