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The task group for detector R&D met over lunch on Wednesday.
The LCWS08 and ILC 08-workshops are going on in Chicago right now. For many years, the LCWS workshops have brought together the physics and detector communities to discuss recent advances relevant to the linear collider. Many parallel sessions organised around physics and detector topics repeated the tradition. The physics sessions, in particular, are crucial to advance the project and the motivation of its people. This is also a very good occasion for the physics and detector community to communicate with our accelerator colleagues.

-- Sakue Yamada

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Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

International Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS08 and ILC08)
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA
16-20 November 2008

Monolithic and Vertically Integrated Pixel Detectors
CERN, Switzerland
25 November 2008

2nd Annual Workshop of the Helmholtz Alliance 'Physics at the Terascale'
RWTH Aachen, Germany
26-28 November 2008

Upcoming school

The US Particle Accelerator School
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
12-23 January 2009

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ILC community sings no blues

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Chicago, windy city and city of Blues, may be the backdrop to this week's LCWS and ILC 08 meeting at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) – but the ILC community sings an altogether more cheerful tune. More than 350 participants touched base on latest developments in detectors, machine and organisation and discussed old, new and controversial ideas. The International Detector Advisory Group and the Linear Collider Forum of the Americas met in parallel, and the meeting concludes today in a long plenary session.

In the News
From Science
14 November 2008
Elementary particles show up in wrong spot during Tevatron experiment

From Interactions
13 November 2008
Scientists inaugurate world’s largest cosmic-ray observatory
Scientists of the Pierre Auger Observatory, a project to study the highest-energy cosmic rays, will celebrate the inauguration of their 3000-square-kilometer detector array at the southern site of the observatory in Malargüe, Argentina, this Friday, November 14, 2008.

From Discover
13 November 2008
The Man Who Led the Second Superstring Revolution
Inside the mind of Ed Witten, the "best physicist of his generation.
Director's Corner
The legacy of Edoardo Amaldi

Edoardo Amaldi
Edoardo Amaldi was one of the giants who shaped our field. He was celebrated last month at the University of Rome on the 100th anniversary of his birth in the inspiring meeting “The Legacy of Edoardo Amaldi in Science and Society.” I was honoured to be invited to speak about international collaboration in physics, an area where Amaldi led the way, especially for his role in the creation and development of CERN. In fact, his impact on physics and society was far broader than his contributions to particle physics alone: they also include his scientific contributions and leadership in nuclear physics, gravitational wave research and astrophysics. Moreover, he worked to protect human rights, and more generally was committed to promoting peace and to controlling the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week
What is it (again)?
If at first you don't succeed, guess, guess again... we received a couple of answers to our 'What is it'- image last week, but we're afraid the picture neither shows a beam image on a screen, nor are we looking at a hand cream smear on a desk (chapeau for the creative guesswork though). A hint: there's water involved... get it? Send your guesses to


arXiv preprints
Modeling of Charge Transfer Inefficiency in a CCD with High Speed Column Parallel Readout

Measurements of Charge Transfer Inefficiency in a CCD with High-Speed Column Parallel Readout

Response of the CALICE Si-W Electromagnetic Calorimeter Physics Prototype to Electrons

Development of CMOS monolithic pixel sensors with in-pixel correlated double sampling and fast readout