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Sakue Yamada
The detector management scheme began to move in full size since the 2008 Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS08) in Chicago. The central decision-making mechanism is the Physics and Experiment Board consisting of the Executive Board members (namely, the research director and the regional contacts), representatives of the Letter of Intent (LOI) groups and the conveners of five common task groups (names of the members can be found here). Following the face-to-face meeting at LCWS08 and in Warsaw last June, the monthly meeting of the board began via web conference system on 9 December. It was attended by all the members and was a very fruitful meeting. The main agenda item were reports from the common task groups on their initial activities. These groups are the key bodies of the detector activity, working horizontally with the concept groups. Most of the common task groups also met during the LCWS08 in Chicago for the first time, except the machine detector interface (MDI) group which has been active since April, to discuss their starting activities. During this Physics and Experiment Board meeting, the status and plan of each group was presented by its convener.

-- Sakue Yamada

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8th SiLC Meeting
IFCA, Santander, Spain
17-19 December 2008

Accelerator Reliability Workshop
TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
26-30 January 2009

Upcoming school

The US Particle Accelerator School
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
12-23 January 2009

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Announcement: TILC09 will be held in Tsukuba next April

Epochal Tsukuba: the conference venue for TILC09
April is the best time to visit Japan – nice and warm weather, cherry blossoms and lively atmosphere of starting a new fiscal year – and of course, TILC09! A worldwide meeting of physicists on the ILC accelerator, experiments and theory to further the ILC's Technical Design Phase.

-- TILC09 local organising committee

In the News
From La Gaceta de los Negocios
17 December 2008
Un grupo de físicos se reúne hoy para desarrollar nuevos detectores de partículas
El acelerador ILC, cuya ubicación deberá ser definida en el año 2.012, será construido a partir de esa fecha y se espera que comience su funcionamiento hacia el año 2020.
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15 December 2008
Obama Picks Berkeley Lab Director Steve Chu for Energy Secretary
...scientific solutions to the twin problems of global warming and the need for carbon-neutral renewable sources of energy. He has called these problems "the greatest challenge facing science" and has rallied many of the world's top scientists to address it.

From Il Secolo XIX
15 December 2008
Bertolucci a capo del laboratorio Cern
...Bertolucci è stato nominato all'unanimità Director of Research and Computing del Cern e guiderà il laboratorio europeo di Ginevra dove è in funzione l'acceleratore di particelle Lhc...
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From the Boston Globe
14 December 2008
A talk with Lisa Randall
...Today, leading theoretical physicist Lisa Randall is working on another improbable first for the department: She's writing an opera...

From The Times
6 December 2008
Large Hadron Collider to get helium leak warning system after breakdown
CERN [...] is to fit the accelerator with 100 miles (160km) of cables and 2,000 crates of electronic monitors, so that engineers will be alerted to potentially hazardous abnormalities before they can cause serious damage...
Director's Corner
A year in the life of the ILC

The high-resolution surface inspection camera for superconducting cavities was developed in Japan and is now in use in all three regions.
By chance I find myself with the job of writing the last Director's Corner of 2008. The holiday season is now almost upon us – traditionally a time to be both retrospective and forward-looking, with people around the world putting last year behind them, while planning with new hope for the next. In keeping with this tradition, it seems appropriate to take a brief look back over a year which has certainly had its ups and downs.

-- Nick Walker

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It's behind you!

Every year at christmas time, the members of CERN's Theory Division write and stage a play at the end of their traditional christmas party. This year saw all the actors getting swallowed by a massive black hole...
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