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Mapping the future
Theorists and experimentalists meet at CERN to discuss future colliders

The LHC will sail into unchartered territory – other colliders will
follow it.
When talking about what they know and what they want to find out, physicists like to speak about ‘landscapes’. There are the well-chartered lands of the Standard Model and undiscovered territories like the Terascale – a region that the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN will enter when protons start colliding in autumn. With the LHC and its eventful proton-proton collisions scientists expect a whole range of signatures of expected and new physics, and they will need a machine to follow up on these to get a clearer view. In February, a group of more than one hundred theorists and experimentalists met at CERN for three weeks. Their goal was to outline the landscapes they may find with data from the LHC and to develop strategies for how to pick the right tools for the coming expedition.

-- Barbara Warmbein


Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP09)
Epocal Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
12-17 March 2009

Joint ACFA Physics and Detector Workshop and GDE Meeting on International Linear Collider

Tsukuba, Japan
17-21 April 2009

Particle Accelerator Conference 2009 (PAC09)
Vancouver, Canada
4-8 May 2009

Upcoming schools

Spring School on Strings, Cosmology and Particles (SSSCP2009)
Belgrade, Serbia
31 March - 4 April 2009

School on Calorimetry at the International Linear Collider
China Center of Advanced Science and Technology, Beijing, China
22-26 April 2009


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Around the World
Detector developers meet in Korea

Group photos of the ILC workshop attendees on the Ewha Campus Complex in Seoul, Korea
In mid February detector scientists from around the world met in two subsequent detector meetings held in Korea: the ILD (International Large Detector) Workshop at Ewha Campus Complex in Seoul from 16 to 18 February and the CALICE (Calorimeter for the Linear Collider Experiment) Collaboration Spring Meeting at Kyungpook National University in Daegu from 19 to 20 February.

-- Misato Hayashida

Image of the Week
Passing the Staffelstab

Batons, keys, bells and an on-stage painting session in a historic experimental hall: on Monday DESY said good-bye to Albrecht Wagner, hello to Helmut Dosch and happy birthday to each other. After two five-year terms in office, the chairman of the Board of Directors Albrecht Wagner handed over to solid-state physicist and former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart Helmut Dosch. The handover ceremony doubled as kick-off event to the lab's anniversary year – DESY was founded in 1959. Read more
In the News
From Libération
3 March 2009
Au plus près du big-bang
Planck, le télescope européen qui sera lancé mi-avril, devrait permettre de retrouver l’enfance de l’Univers par l’analyse du rayonnement fossile émis trois cent mille ans après le big-bang.

From The Times
2 March 2009
Portrait of a man at the beginning of time
The portrait by Ken Currie shows the professor who, 45 years ago, postulated the existence of the particle known more properly as the Higgs boson which gives mass to all things in the Universe.

From the Cern Bulletin
27 February 2009
The Latest from the LHC
In total 27 magnets have been completed so far, with 34 nozzles welded.
Director's Corner
ILC R&D plan updated

ILC Research and Development Plan for the Technical Design Phase Release 3
We characterise the present period of the Global Design Effort activities as a four-year programme to prepare ourselves to be ready to propose a well conceived ILC construction project to collaborating governments by around 2012. The technical description of our R&D programme to achieve this goal is summarised in the document “ILC Research and Development Plan for the Technical Design Phase.” This is a ‘living’ document, in the sense that we are updating it every six months to maintain a current description of our programme, goals and resources. We have just published the third release of this document in February. It is both an update and contains more complete descriptions of some of our work.

-- Barry Barish

Director's Corner Archive

Apply now for ILC calorimetry school
You have ten days left to apply for the school on calorimetry at the International Linear Collider that will take place in Beijing, China, from 22 to 26 April. The course of the lectures will cover all aspects of the calorimeters which are currently under design for the detectors to be operated at the ILC. The school is intended for students at master level. Although mainly addressed to students from China, participants from other countries of the ACFA study are also welcome (up to 15 students from these countries can be invited). Send your application and a letter of reference until 15 March to Yuanning Gao and Roman Poeschl.

ILC Note
Polarimeters and Energy Spectrometers for the ILC Beam Delivery System

arXiv preprints
Models of Yukawa interaction in the two Higgs doublet model, and their collider phenomenology

Implications of a Scalar Dark Force for Terrestrial Experiments

EUROTeV Reports
Development of a High Power Fibre Laser for Laser Based Electron Beam Diagnostics

Beam Impact Studies on ILC Collimators

High Bandwidth Wall Current Monitor