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“Well done, now do some more”
Accelerator Advisory Panel publishes results from the first review

The AAP report welcomes simulation studies like the 3D ones shown here and would like to see more.
A few weeks after the first big Accelerator Advisory Panel (AAP) review at the TILC09 meeting in Tsukuba, Japan, the panel has published its review results (see also the two most recent Director’s Corners on this topic). After two months of preparation, an intense week of presentations and another few weeks of writing up the results, the 13 members – ten ILC researchers and three from outside the linear collider world – presented a set of recommendations that intend to lead the ILC's most important areas of research and development to successful completion by the end of the Technical Design Phase (TDP) in late 2012.

-- Barbara Warmbein

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11th European Symposium on Semiconductor Detectors
Wildbad Kreuth Conference Center, Bavaria, Germany
7-11 June 2009

Tesla Technology Collaboration Meeting (TTC09)
LAL, Orsay, France
16-19 June 2009

ILC-CLIC LET Beam Dynamics Workshop at CERN
CERN, Switzerland
23-25 June 2009

Polarized Positron for Linear Colliders Workshop (Posipol 2009)
IPNL, Lyon, France
23-26 June 2009

FCAL meeting
DESY Zeuthen, Germany
29-30 June

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The 2009 Hadron Collider Physics Summer School
8-17 June 2009

Summer School: Exploring the Cosmological Frontiers
Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
24 June - 1 July 2009

International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" (SIF)
Radiation and particle detectors

Varenna, Villa Monastero, Italy
20-25 July

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Magic or physics? – Special talk show at this year's TILC

Guest speakers are (from left): Hitoshi Murayama of IPMU, Takeo Higuchi of KEK, and a magician, Tomohiro Maeda.
TILC09 in Tsukuba, Japan, took place on Japanese Invention Day observed annually on 18 April, and the week in itself was designated as Science and Technology Week. Naturally, in Tsukuba, the population of research institutions is unparalleled in the country, and it becomes most festive during that week once a year. There were various events held throughout the nation during the week of 13 April, one of which was the TILC09's public lecture, "The universe's greatest magic!? – Antimatter annihilation" featuring a close-up magician, Tomohiro Maeda, Hitoshi Murayama of the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) and Takeo Higuchi of KEK.

-- Misato Hayashida

In the News
From Physics World
2 June 2009
The unique universe
Many cosmological theories not only see our universe as one of many but also claim that time does not exist. Lee Smolin argues against the timeless multiverse

29 May 2009
Theorists Reveal Path to True Muonium
"True muonium was first theorized more than 50 years ago, but until now no one had uncovered an unambiguous method by which it could be created and observed."

From Softpedia
29 May 2009
The Real Benefits of Particle Physics
"Despite the fact that the main objectives of most particle physics studies are related to understanding mass and gravity, looking for antimatter, detecting dark matter, or discovering other spatial dimensions, in the course of these researches, tens and hundreds of small inventions emerge as byproducts."

From SLAC Today
28 May 2009
Simulating a More Efficient Linear Collider
Scientists around the world are working hard to hammer out a workable blueprint for the next big particle accelerator, the International Linear Collider, by 2012. A group at SLAC is doing its part, running supercomputer simulations to maximize the accelerator's performance and keep costs down on the proposed multi-billion-dollar collider.
Director's Corner
The value of being reviewed

Eckhard Elsen, co-chair of the AAP
Last week, one of our ILC project managers, Nick Walker, wrote a guest Director's Corner about what he called the “review season” that we have recently been through, and he included some remarks about the review conducted by our Accelerator Advisor Panel (AAP), chaired by Bill Willis and Eckhard Elsen. The AAP is an “inside” panel that is augmented by some outside experts and has the mandate of continually monitoring, reviewing and giving me advice on the technical aspects of our work. Today, I add a few comments about the AAP review that complement Nick’s remarks.

-- Barry Barish

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What's happening?

Note we didn't ask 'what is it?' – we assume you're worldwise enough to recognise a bunch of shoes. But whose shoes are these? What are the people they belong to doing, and why? We look forward to hearing your theories! Email them to communicators @
2 June - Tony Hartin
Roentgen's humanitarian machine

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