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From Physics Buzz: Nobu Toge: Machine Portraits

This beautiful abstraction is a close-up of a device that monitors components during cool-down. (Nobu Toge/KEK)
For physicist Nobu Toge, a typical day of work at the Japanese high-energy physics lab KEK might involve attending a few meetings, calibrating a just-installed piece of equipment, or writing a report on the research's progress. But in the midst of it all, Toge might also pull out his always-ready camera and snap a photo of a gleaming piece of machinery, or a pair of technicians in bunny suits readying a component for testing. At the end of the day, reports and spreadsheets laid to rest, Toge will add the photos to the thousands he's taken on the job over the last seven or eight years.

-- Lauren Schenkman

Physics Buzz is a blog of Physics Central, a website of the American Physical Society.


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In memory of Takayuki Matsui

Symposium attendees cherished the memories of Matsui.
The 4th annual ILC detector workshop was held at KEK from 2 to 4 December. This series of workshops, led by Hitoshi Yamamoto, professor at Tohoku University, are funded by the Creative Scientific Research Program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. This workshop marked the first after the validation of ILC detectors by the International Detector Advisory Group, and scientists discussed the global efforts toward the 'detailed baseline design' of ILC detector.

-- Rika Takahashi

In the News
9 December 2009
The Fermilab-DESY collaboration pays off: high grades for third-harmonic module
"... The physics capabilities of the sLHC, the ILC and CLIC are relatively well understood but will need refinement in the light of initial LHC running."

From CERN Courier
7 December 2009
Looking beyond the LHC
"... The physics capabilities of the sLHC, the ILC and CLIC are relatively well understood but will need refinement in the light of initial LHC running."

From CERN Courier
7 December 2009
DESY marks 50 years of accelerator research
"When DESY was founded in December 1959 as a German national laboratory for high-energy physics, it was far from obvious that it would develop from its modest beginnings into a research centre with an international reputation that now extends beyond particle physics to photon science."

From CERN Courier
7 December 2009
Looking back on DESY: a personal recollection

From CERN Courier
7 December 2009
Insight starts here at DESY

From Science News
4 December 2009
A black future
Without destroying the Earth, the Large Hadron Collider might help humans explore the cosmos

From Science
4 December 2009
Seeking a Shortcut to the High-Energy Frontier
"When you fall behind, you need a comeback plan, and physicists here at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) think they have a dandy. ..."
Director's Corner
The ILC Project Advisory Committee considers proposed ILC baseline revisions

Jon Bagger, chair of ILCSC, and Jean-Eudes Augustin, chair of the PAC
Much of our work this year has been focussed on assessing the ILC Reference Design Report (RDR) produced in 2007, in order to determine what changes to the RDR baseline to make for the technical design effort that will be carried out over the next three years. The motivation to make changes is to use a better optimised baseline, with a special emphasis on cost savings. In recent months the project managers have presented a "strawman" baseline (SB2009) to the broader ILC community at a workshop in Albuquerque and to the International Linear Collider Steering Committee's Project Advisory Committee (ILCSC PAC) at a review in Pohang, Korea last November. We have now received the report of the PAC review and I discuss some highlights of that review here.

-- Barry Barish

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S1 truly global: DESY cavities arrive at KEK

Two units from DESY cavity packages which will be used at the S1-global experiment have arrived at KEK on 3 December. Image: Nobu Toge

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