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From SLAC Today: ATF2 Narrows the Focus

From left: Marc Ross, Nan Phinney, Carsten Hast, Janice Nelson and Glen White of SLAC, with KEK colleagues Hitomi Kusana, Kimiyo Ikeda, Ryuhei Sugahara, Toshiyuki Mitsuhashi, Hitoshi Hayano and Takayuki Saeki at the annual Bounenkai (Forget the Year Party). (Photo courtesy Tsunehiko Omori.)
Last month the KEK facility in Japan hosted the ninth Project Meeting for the Accelerator Test Facility 2, or ATF2, and a few SLAC staff traveled overseas to participate. The group reviewed progress made in 2009, plans for 2010, and the possibility of extended studies beyond the primary ATF2 goals in 2011, 2012 and beyond. A total of 44 collaborators, including 28 from outside Japan, discussed the technical progress of the ATF2, which began commissioning in December of 2008. The program also covered the future of the project in the face of some major cuts to science funding bodies by the Japanese government.

-- Calla Cofield

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Low Emittance Rings 2010 (LER2010)
12-15 January 2010

ILD Workshop 2010
Paris, France
27-30 January 2010

International Linear Collider Workshop 2010 (LCWS10 and ILC10)
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China
26-30 March 2010

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The US Particle Accelerator School
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18-29 January 2010

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Feature Story
After Albuquerque, Beijing

Great Wall (in Badaling), UNESCO World Heritage Site. Image: Xiangdian
Next march, Tiger Year, a joint meeting of the Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS10) and the International Linear Collider meeting (ILC2010) will be held from 26-30 March 2010 in Beijing, China. Three years after the ILC Reference Design Report release and the preliminary cost estimate of the machine in Beijing, the whole community of accelerator and detector physicists will gather again in China for another important step forward. “The ILC Chinese institutes are honoured and glad to host this meeting, as we expect great results from these five days,” said Jie Gao, co–chair of the local organising committee. “We hope that many of our colleagues will be able to attend.”

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux

In the News
From Times Higher Education
12 January 2010
STFC cuts will lead to "brain drain", claim scientists
The chairs of five of the councilís panels have expressed concerns over plans to axe more than 40 scientific projects. ZoŽ Corbyn reports

From Symmetry breaking
12 January 2010
US sends first ILC-type cavities to Japan
A Fermilab shipment of cavities to the Japanese laboratory KEK marks a major milestone in the advancement of US particle accelerator technology and the development of the proposed International Linear Collider.

From Physics Today
11 January 2010
Gustav-Adolf Voss wins 2009 Tate Medal
WASHINGTON, D.C., January 7, 2010 - The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today that it has awarded its 2009 John Torrence Tate Award for International Leadership in Physics to German accelerator physicist Gustav-Adolf Voss. ...
Director's Corner
Evolving the ILC baseline

Topological diagram of the proposed changes in the ILC central area, a much more coherent integration of this very complex central region containing the sources, damping rings, beam delivery systems, detectors, etc.
Over the past year, the ILC project managers have led a focussed effort to assess the ILC baseline configuration that is documented in the Reference Design Report (RDR) and as a result have developed a set of proposed baseline changes that are aimed at reducing costs and improve the technical design. The SB2009 Proposal Document outlines a set of proposed changes, includes descriptions of each change, as well as some discussion of the pros and cons. The first step in evaluating this proposal was a review last week in Oxford, UK, by our Accelerator Advisory Panel (AAP), an internal committee that advises me on technical and management issues. I will discuss the AAP recommendations in a forthcoming column, once they deliver their report to me. Today, I address some of the general features of the proposal.

-- Barry Barish

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