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Looking for volunteers for the 'Ask a scientist' service

Experts wanted! Sign up now to answer questions from the general public about the ILC. Image: Nobu Toge.
Do you enjoy explaining to friends and family what you do and why you do it? Would you like to share your knowledge about superconductivity, string theory, governance, the Higgs, beam steering, particle detectors or whatever else you are an expert in? With the LHC running and delivering the first physics results, more people wonder what will come next – and some of them use the 'Ask a scientist' service on We are looking for experts from all areas of the ILC who would like to volunteer to take part in the 'Ask a scientist' service.

-- The ILC communicators


25 April - Ingrid Gregor
Lost in transition

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XIV International Conference On Calorimetry In High Energy Physics (CALOR2010)
IHEP, Beijing, China
10-14 May 2010

The 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC'10)
Kyoto, Japan
23-28 May 2010

Polarized Positron for Linear Colliders Workshop (Posipol 2010)
KEK, Japan
31 May - 2 June 2010

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CERN Accelerator School (CAS 2010): Course on RF for Accelerators
Ebeltoft, Denmark
8-17 June 2010

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Around the World
Seiya Yamaguchi: introducing the new head of the Linear Collider Office at KEK

Seiya Yamaguchi, new Head of KEK's Linear Collider Project Office.
April is the season of beginnings in Japan: beginning of spring, beginning of the school year, and beginning of the business fiscal year. Tokyo is not quite in the beginning of spring yet, as snow fell on Saturday, 17 April, matching a 41-year-old record for the season's latest snowfall. Regardless of the late arrival of spring, KEK's Linear Collider Project Office kicked off the new fiscal year with a new head of the Office: Seiya Yamaguchi.

-- Rika Takahashi

In the News
28 April 2010
Q&A: Peer-reviewed physics, at the speed of light
Sergio Bertolucci is the director for research and computing at CERN. Over the noise of nearby cathedral bells chiming the hour, iSGTW caught up with him on the steps of the University Building in Uppsala during a coffee break at the EGEE User Forum.

From New Scientist blogs
27 April 2010
Will the next government fix UK physics?
“I've been interviewing candidates for doctoral and post-doctoral positions in particle physics at my university, UCL. It's been an alternately uplifting and depressing experience. ...”
Director's Corner
ATF2 enters the nanometre world
Today's issue features a Director's Corner from Toshiaki Tauchi, a member of the EC.

The ATF control room at KEK, Japan, where the Shintake monitor group (University of Tokyo) is analysing the online data for the beam size measurement. The measured fringe pattern can be seen in a monitor. Image: KEK
The ATF2 collaboration has recently succeeded to obtain vertical beam size of less than one micrometre and consequently has now entered into the nanometre world in the final focus system. In this corner, I will describe what is AFT2 and how we reached this challenging beam size.

-- Toshiaki Tauchi

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Image of the Week
The first ILC Daruma

Seiya Yamaguchi, new head of the Linear Collider Project Office at KEK (see story this week) custom-made this special Daruma in January at the Shorin Temple, the birthplace of this Japanese traditional good-luck talisman. The eyes of Daruma are blank in the beginning. When the owner sets the goal, he paints the left eye. When the goal is accomplished, the right eye will be filled, congratulating the success. “I hope I can fill-in the right eye soon,” says Yamaguchi. Image: Seiya Yamaguchi