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Calorimeter Olympics in Beijing

Group photo of the Calor conference participants.
Image: IHEP/Jie Liu
The International Conferences on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics (also known as the Calor Conference series, started in October 1990 at Fermilab) address all aspects of calorimetric particle detection and measurement, with emphasis on high-energy physics experiments. This year, the conference of Calor 2010, the fourteenth in this series, was held in the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Beijing, China from 10 to 14 May 2010.

-- Min Zhang

Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

The 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC'10)
Kyoto, Japan
23-28 May 2010

Polarized Positron for Linear Colliders Workshop (Posipol 2010)
KEK, Japan
31 May - 2 June 2010

SiD Workshop at Argonne
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA
3 June - 5 June 2010

Upcoming school

CERN Accelerator School (CAS 2010): Course on RF for Accelerators
Ebeltoft, Denmark
8-17 June 2010

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Feature Story
Exchanging opinions about the ILC

GDE Project manager Akira Yamamoto chairs the industrial session
One day before the beginning of the biggest ever – and first international – Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC 2010, a satellite meeting was held with scientists and specialists from laboratories and industries around the world on the superconducting radiofrequency (SCRF) cavity technology and industrialisation.

-- Rika Takahashi

Image of the Week
The world's first IPAC

Hundreds of accelerator experts are taking part in the world's first International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC, a merger of all regional accelerator conferences. Here's a snapshot of accelerator scientists from one of the coffee breaks. Go to the conference website for more information or check out this article in symmetry breaking.
Photo: Nobuko Kobayashi
In the News
From symmetry breaking
24 May 2010
Physicists hold first international particle accelerator conference
"...This week hundreds of accelerator physicists have gathered in Kyoto, Japan, to take part in the first International Particle Accelerator Conference, taking a step toward the practices of their detector-building colleagues. ..."

From CERN Bulletin
24 May 2010
If you see extra towels on 25 May, Don't Panic!
"...In honour of their favourite author, Adams' fans have declared 25 May International Towel Day – another cryptic reference to 'The Guide'. ..."

18 May 2010
Digital Divide for May 2010 - Jim Brau on Particle Physics
Dave DeAngelis speaks with Jim Brau of the University of Oregon about the latest news in high-energy particle physics including the unification of forces, the mystery of dark matter, and the nature of mass.
Director's Corner
Baseline Assessment Workshops

Top level change control process for assessing baseline changes for the TDR
Over the past months we have developed a process for assessing the major changes to the ILC baseline that were proposed last year. The motivation for the proposed changes is to evolve the ILC design to better optimise cost to performance to risk, with special emphasis on cost savings that will help insure that we keep control over the cost. All this will lead to the Technical Design Report (TDR) at the end of 2012. The centrepiece of the assessment process will be 2 four-day Baseline Assessment Workshops (BAW). The first BAW will be held at KEK from 7-10 September 2010, and the second at SLAC from 18-21 January 2011. I am very much encouraging active participation from the detector community and by some of our advisory committee members both in the preparations leading up to these workshops and at the workshops, themselves.

-- Barry Barish

Director's Corner Archive

Last days for registration to ICHEP2010
You have till 20 June to register to the 35th ICHEP conference held from 22 to 28 July 2010 in Paris, France. This very special international conference will cover first LHC physics results. Results in other domains such as gravitational waves, neutrino telescopes, neutrino oscillations, dark matter or in the flavour sector, just to name a few, will also be revealed. Several major projects representing the future of our field (like the ILC or CLIC) will present the status of their Conceptual or Engineering Design Reports during the conference. Don't miss the registration deadline!
Conference website

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ILC Note
Assessing Risk in Costing High-Energy Accelerators: From Existing Projects to the Future Linear Collider

arXiv preprints
Feasibility study of the forward-backward asymmetry of the e+e- → t tbar process in all-hadronic decay modes at sqrt(s) = 500 GeV with the ILD detector

Light Squarks and Gluinos at TeV-scale e+e- Colliders

Measurements and simulations of MAPS (Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors) response to charged particles – a study towards a vertex detector at the ILC

Determining SUSY particle mixing with polarized hadron beams