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From Fermilab Today: Fermilab-designed beam position monitors go to KEK

KEK collaborators Nobuhiro Terunuma and Junji Urukawa sit next to a display of the first ATF beam orbit measured by the Fermilab-designed BPM system.
Last May, in only two weeks' time, a team of Accelerator Division Instrumentation Department employees installed, powered, debugged and started up a brand new, home-made beam position monitoring system at KEK's Accelerator Test Facility. It worked flawlessly.

“I'm very happy with the BPM's operational performance just after installation,” said KEK physicist Nobuhiro Terunuma. “It was a result of the professional work by our Fermilab colleagues.”

-- Leah Hesla

Upcoming meetings, conferences, workshops

First Baseline Assessment Workshop
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
7-10 September 2010

XXV Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC10)
Tsukuba, Japan
12-17 September 2010

Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP-10)
Aachen, Germany
20-24 September 2010

Symposium on the Superconducting Science and Technology of Ingot Niobium
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, USA
22-24 September 2010

1st International Workshop on Accelerator-Driven Sub-Critical Systems & Thorium Utilization
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
27-29 September 2010

19th International Spin Physics Symposium (SPIN 2010)
Jülich, Germany
27 September - 2 October 2010

EUDET Annual Meeting 2010
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
29 September - 1 October 2010

Upcoming schools

Fifth CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School
Fermilab, Batavia, IL, USA
16-27 August 2010

Fifth International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders
Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
25 October - 5 November 2010

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Feature Story
From KEK Highlights: Never lost in translation

Dr. Philip Bambade from LAL at the ATF2 beamline. Image: Nobuko Kobayashi
Every day, KEK welcomes scientists and students from around the world. Some of them come here as collaborators who work on the international projects and programmes using cutting-edge facilities at KEK. Some visit as users who wish to use the beamlines at the Photon Factory to look into the smallest worlds. Many graduate students will write up their hard work here into their thesis. Many of them stay only days or weeks, but some of them stay longer to concentrate on the R&D for months or even years, like Dr. Philip Bambade from LAL in Orsay, France.
In the News
From Irish Medical Times
10 August 2010
Black holes and the God particle
The Large Hadron Collider may revolutionise our understanding of nature, from tiny atoms to the entire universe, writes Marie-Catherine Mousseau

From MIT news
6 August 2010
Stringing together a picture of superconductors
MIT physicists use an offshoot of string theory to describe the strange behavior of superconducting materials.

From Cosmos
5 August 2010
To boldly go: my life in physics
What's it like to live your life as the ringleader of obscurity? Stephen Hawking – renowned cosmologist, celebrated physicist and bestselling author – describes his journey of inspiration and discovery.

From nature
4 August 2010
Physicists get political over Higgs
A storm is brewing round the scientists in line to win the Nobel prize for predicting the elusive particle.

From JS Online Wisconsin
2 August 2010
Thawing out skills; ready to freeze
Wearing hard hats, T-shirts and shorts, drillers practiced their work skills Monday afternoon with one big exception. There was no ice.
Director's Corner
ICHEP opens the LHC era

The 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics
The 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP10) held in Paris provided a first glimpse at results from the Large Hadron Collider. The very good control over machine commissioning and the speed at which so many LHC results were produced portends very well for the future. The ICHEP conference broadly covered the field of high-energy physics from new limits on the search for the Higgs from the Tevatron to reviews of future technology and projects. Many other events surrounded the scientific programme, including an opening speech by Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, and a special "night of particles."

-- Barry Barish

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Image of the Week
The first ever global Particle Physics Photo Walk

Some 200 amateur photographers went wild at five of the world's particle physics labs last Saturday. They took part in the world's first global Particle Particle Physics Photo Walk at KEK, CERN, DESY, Fermilab or TRIUMF. Find out more about the Photo Walk here or see first pictures of the participants and by the participants. The winners of the global competition will be announced in October.

ILC R&D Plan
ILC Research and Development Plan for the Technical Design Phase
Release 5, August 2010

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