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Fermilab's Garbincius Chairs GDE Design Cost Board
Peter Garbincius
Peter Garbincius

Last month in Frascati, GDE Director Barry Barish announced the establishment of the Design Cost Board with Fermilab's Peter Garbincius as chairperson. The primary role of this board is to oversee the preparation of the Reference Design Report, a document to be developed by the end of 2006, which will include a detailed design and cost estimate for the International Linear Collider.

The Design Cost Board consists of ten members from all three regions involved with the ILC: Wilhelm Bialowons, Atsushi Enomoto, Jean-Pierre Delahaye, Robert Kephart, Olivier Napoly, Ewan Paterson, Nan Phinney, Tetsuo Shidara, Nobuhiro Terunuma, and Peter Garbincius (chair).

"In the simplest terms, our mission is to produce the Reference Design Report.", said Garbincius. "The Design Cost Board will provide guidance and structure for the preparation of the report, and we will define in-depth requirements for the elements of the cost estimate."

At the Frascati meeting, six new Area System Groups replaced the former Working Groups. Each Area System, or major section of the accelerator, will correspond to a chapter of the Reference Design Report and its Group will work closely with eight Technical System Groups and six Global System Groups, which were also established at the Frascati meeting.

"The Area System Groups are combinations of accelerator designers and builders.", Garbincius said. "Translating the concepts into an actual machine design requires that these Area System Groups work closely together with the engineers of the Technical System Groups. The Global System Groups provide elements common to the Area Systems, or the glue that holds the accelerator together. The Design Cost Board will work closely with all of these groups and must especially consider the interfaces between all of the different systems."

Garbincius plans to set up procedures and templates for the Area System Groups to use in providing the necessary information for each section of the RDR. He is also considering a review team for each Area System. "The Reference Design Report is going to show how we want the ILC to look, why we want it to be that way, and – the biggest thing – how we propose to do it, giving an indication of the cost for the project.", Garbincius said. "We have to get many people from all over the world engaged now and started moving together. We also have to be inclusive and get everything into the report and cost estimate. We have a great group of people, and the Design Cost Board will make sure the work gets done."

--Elizabeth Clements