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The Events in the Period of Chinese New Year 2006

Scientific news

The first day of the 2006 Chinese New Year was on 29 January 2006. Following the 6 January announcement that an international research collaboration observed a resonant state at the upgraded Beijing Spectrometer (BESII), scientists celebrated very good news at this important Chinese festival. The discovery, which was reported in the 31 December 2005 issue of the Physical Review Letters, has aroused broad interest from the global high-energy physics community (detailed report see We believe that more interesting discoveries could be found in BES-III of BEPC-II, which is under construction at IHEP, Beijing, China.

On 16 January, an ILC-Asia meeting was held at IHEP with participants from China, Korea, and Japan. Activities of research in accelerator, detector and particle physics for ILC were reviewed in corresponding laboratories, institutes, and universities. Collaboration fields and items between participants were also discussed. Participants from three countries agreed to use Chinese Ning Xia niobium materials to make their test cavity experiments. As for ATF2 quadrupole magnet fabrications at IHEP, the first magnet has been finished, and it is under measurement and quality control.

Live in Beijing during Chinese spring festival

Every year during the Chinese spring festival, Chinese people like to go to “Miao Hui” to have fun. At “Miao Hui”, one finds different regional foods, games, plays, and small items to sell in a warm atmosphere with red and yellow colors everywhere. Below are few photos taken at the “Miao Hui” of the Temple of the Earth in Beijing on 31 January 2006.

-- Jie Gao