ILC NewsLine
Lecturers Selected for International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders

Carlo Pagani of INFN will lecture on ILC cryomodules.

Andrei Seryi of SLAC will lecture on beam delivery.

After more than two months of intensive work, the Curriculum Committee has selected a group of 21 lecturers from around the world to teach at the International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders. Scheduled for 19-27 May 2006, the school will take place at Sokendai, Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Hayama, Japan.

"We have a strong team of lecturers with a good balance between young and senior physicists.", said Weiren Chou, one of the school’s organizers and Chair of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel. "We also have a nice geographical distribution among the three regions – Asia, Europe and North America. We also maintained a balance between various institutions."

With topics ranging from damping ring basics, taught by Susanna Guiducci of INFN-LNF, to detectors, taught by Hitoshi Yamamoto of Tohoku University, to conventional facilities, taught by Vic Kuchler of Fermilab, students who attend the accelerator school will receive a complete education in linear colliders. Lecturers will be responsible for:

  • Preparing teaching materials in the form of PowerPoint files and posting them online one month before the school starts
  • Attending the school and giving the lecture
  • Assigning homework to the students (1-2 problems per lecture)
  • Being available at the tutorial and homework time for one evening
  • Grading homework

At the end of the school, lecturers will select top students, who will be honoured during an awards ceremony on 25 May 2006. A complete list of lecturers and curriculum is available online. The school has received overwhelming responses from around the world. More than 300 people have applied. Student selection will start soon. The deadline to apply for the school is 15 February 2006. Application information is also available online.

-- Elizabeth Clements