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GDE Boards Deliver Updates in Bangalore
Peter Garbincius
Peter Garbincius, Chair of the Design Cost Board

Design and Cost Board
Peter Garbincius, chair of the GDE Design and Cost Board, presented their ongoing work. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides templates to each GDE working group and helps them define their cost estimates. "The main issues of this group is to make sure that the final system will be consistent and acceptable for everyone. ", said Garbincius. "In principle, the WBS we made should be applicable to every sub-system." The board will make sure each group identifies the major costs. Once the cost drivers are identified, the board will assess if they can be reduced. "Another issue is to encourage the group to provide the Change Control Board with a certain level of details on major items, to reduce uncertainty in the global machine cost", said Garbincius. To help them, the Design and Cost Board will provide a "recipe" for cost estimation.

Nobu Toge
Nobu Toge, Chair of the Change Control Board

Change Control Board
Nobu Toge, chair of the Change Control Board, presented the procedure for finalising the Baseline Configuration Document and integrating further changes. "We would like the group to provide us thorough descriptions of the reasons for the change request and risk assessment", Toge said. Whenever a change is required and made, the board will inform all affected groups. For every decision taken, the Change Control Board will make a public announcement. The board will also crosscheck all the statements given by the groups, to avoid inconsistency and accidental mistakes. “For this reason, we ask each group to submit the request with cross reference materials, if any. The more input we will have, the faster we could react and take decisions", Toge said. “The process seems to be in a good shape. So far I see no fundamental problem in running the Change Control Board."

William Willis
William Willis, Chair of the R&D Board

R&D Board
William Willis, chair of the R&D Board, presented the work achieved since the Frascati meeting and future plans. Following the Frascati meeting, the board made a list of R&D projects that should be done by the GDE. This list includes both the ongoing work and the work which should be done and constitutes the "ideal programme". "Going through this list, we have assigned them priorities and most of them have been considered as ‘high' ", Willis said. Urgent R&D will need to be accomplished before the ILC project is submitted for approval.

CERN project experts agreed to help the R&D Board manage the complete list and organise it in a database. This list will be published soon on the ILC wiki pages. "Comparing the ideal programme and the actual one, we are confident that the R&D required will be done and we think that it is well covered by our present activities", Willis said. To make sure that the R&D will be achieved quickly enough, the board will have to integrate more information on the R&D schedule plan by Vancouver meeting in July, and see if conflicts of interest between different activities appear.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux