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First Japanese ILC Detector Workshop Held at KEK

Hitoshi Murayama held a series of lectures on "Perspective of Particle Physics and Cosmology" in the evenings.

From 20 to 22 December 2006, the first Japanese "ILC Detector" Workshop took place at KEK. It was supported by the JSPS grant for Creative Scientific Research "Research and development of a novel detector system for the international linear collider," and about sixty participants - from undergraduate to senior researcher - from all over the country came to KEK. The main purpose of this workshop was to exchange news about the R&D status of ILC detectors and ideas on the Reference Design Report (RDR) and Detector Concept Report (DCR).

Tomonori Kusano from Tohoku University said, "I saw a young student giving his presentation at the workshop. This really motivated me." The organisers had encouraged participation of young students, so many presentations and lectures were given in Japanese during the workshop. Every evening, Hitoshi Murayama from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory gave a lecture in a series of lectures called "Perspective of Particle Physics and Cosmology," organised by KEK. "He explained the relationship between experiment and theory very well. I was really impressed by his easily comprehensible lecture," said Saori Ito, a third-year doctoral student at Shinshu University, who is involved in calorimeter R&D for ILC.

"I think participants could understand the present status of other research groups, so they also could deepen their interest in their work," said Hitoshi Yamamoto from Tohoku University, the organiser of this workshop. Tamaki Yoshioka, a post doctoral fellow at the University of Tokyo who is working on detector optimisations, emphasised the merit of the workshop. "This workshop is the best place to grasp various status of detector studies. I think anyone who is interested in detector studies had better participate by all means. We expect even more participation of the young generation for the next workshop." The workshop will be held once a year for the next four years.

-- Nobuko Kobayashi