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Image of the Week: Physics Meets Fashion

In addition to hearing about the latest physics results at the Lepton Photon Conference, held last week in Daegu, Korea, the meeting organisers also made sure that the attendees learned something about their part of the country. Daegu, for example, is known as the city of textile, making it appropriate to conclude the conference banquet with a Korean Traditional Costume Fashion Show.

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Preparing to host a meeting like Lepton Photon required a lot of work though and a lot of cooperation from several parties. "It took a long time to prepare for this conference," says Dongchul Son, the conference chair, who spoke at the banquet. "We had lot of help from different people, students, volunteers, local governments and many others.”

Starting with historical Korean costumes and ending with modern and vivid fashion, Daegu’s transformation of their traditional industry into the cutting edge, dressed high energy physics for a progressive, not to mention stylish, future.

“The Korean High Energy Physics community has increased a lot in the last twenty years,” Son said. “I would like to see the ILC project moving much faster, but that also means a larger budget. Gaining the understanding of citizens and getting their strong support is really crucial for our future.”

-- Youhei Morita