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Meet Kazuko Toyomura

Kazuko Toyomura has been assisting KEK's ILC activity for four years, and since Sakue Yamada was appointed as a Research Director last October, her involvement has become even deeper. “She is not 'officially' assigned as secretary for the International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG), but she has been taking care of my activities,” says Yamada. Toyomura is a secretary for the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK. Other than her new role in ILC detector community, Toyomura is managing the day-to-day activities for KEK's ILC detector and ZEUS experimental groups, including travel arrangements, guests and visitors support, and helping post-doc students.

Kazuko Toyomura

She moved to Tuskuba, Ibaraki prefecture upon her marriage. “I did not study physics at all when I was a student, so I sometime feel funny to be at my position now,” said Toyomura. Prior to current job, she worked for a bank and a travel agency, making full use of her language skills. She started working for KEK as a substitute for her friend who was supposed to help at a symposium hosted by KEK. After the symposium, she found that KEK was looking for a secretary, and applied for that position.

Toyomura will attend the next ILC meeting in Sendai and looks forward to meeting other members of the ILC community. “I was told by Dr. Yamada that we will be very busy. I am a bit scared,” Toyomura said. “But I will do my best. Please feel free to contact me with questions or assistance on any matters concerning ILC detector R&D.”

-- Rika Takahashi