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Pixel collaboration
R&D on monolithic and vertically integrated pixel detectors

Micro Magic 3D-layout of the 3-tier Fermilab Vertical Integrated Pixel (VIP) chip.

Plans are taking shape to form a new group to coordinate and stimulate R&D on monolithic and vertically integrated pixel detectors for scientific applications in high-energy physics and beyond. In a joint message, the directorates of CERN, KEK and Fermilab have offered their support. They suggested the formation of a regionally balanced coordination board to take this forward. From discussions in recent reviews and workshops, we think there is an opportunity for the many efforts underway worldwide to benefit a larger community. We already have strong collaborations for the development of vertical integration and monolithic active pixel sensors (MAPS). The new world-wide effort would build upon the existing collaborations and open the technology developments to other scientific areas. We will discuss how best to achieve this at upcoming meetings. Our suggestions will then be comunicated to the directorates of CERN, KEK and Fermilab.

Meetings on this subject will be held at the LCWS in Chicago next week at CERN on 25 November and at TIPP09 in Tsukuba, Japan (12 to 17 March 2009) These will mark the beginning of what Deputy Director of Fermilab Young-Kee Kim has encouraged with the comment that “the effort is worldwide and the laboratory support will be worldwide”. DESY Research Director and future CERN DG Rolf Heuer said that “such a collaboration, addressing R&D issues for a broader community, is highly welcome.”

-- Chris Damerell (Rutherford Appleton Lab), Marcel Demarteau (Fermilab) and Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)