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After Albuquerque, Beijing

Great Wall (in Badaling), UNESCO World Heritage Site. Image: Xiangdian

Beijing meeting poster features a painting by the famous artist Wu GuanZhong.

Next march, Tiger Year, a joint meeting of the Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS10) and the International Linear Collider meeting (ILC2010) will be held from 26-30 March 2010 in Beijing, China. Three years after the ILC Reference Design Report release and the preliminary cost estimate of the machine in Beijing, the whole community of accelerator and detector physicists will gather again in China for another important step forward. “The ILC Chinese institutes are honoured and glad to host this meeting, as we expect great results from these five days,” said Jie Gao, co–chair of the local organising committee. “We hope that many of our colleagues will be able to attend.”

For Kaoru Yokoya, Global Design Effort Asian Regional Director, the Beijing meeting will be an important stepping stone for the ILC: “Beijing will be a crucial meeting for the ILC project, as we will decide on the machine baseline design that will serve as basis of the technical design work over the next three years.” Hitoshi Yamamoto, co-chair of the Worldwide Study and regional detector contact for Asia, is also very much looking forward to the event: “As the physics and detector activity for the ILC is entering a new stage after the validation of the Letters of Intent, gathering the whole community in Beijing meeting will be critical to organise our efforts towards the 2012 detailed baseline design of the detectors.” The meeting will also be an occasion for reporting new progress on the Chinese participation in the ILC (read also Gao's article in ILC NewsLine).

The 2010 Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS10) and the International Linear Collider meeting (ILC2010) will be hosted by a consortium of Chinese Institutes: the Institute of High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Institute of Theoretical Physics and the University of Sciences and Technologies of China. The event will be held in a place whose name should inspire collaborative efforts: the Friendship Hotel in Beijing. Rooms in the same hotel are reserved till 25 February and for students, a few less expensive rooms can be booked at the guesthouse of IHEP. The local organisers greatly encourage registration by email or through the conference website. Invitation letters and material for applying for Chinese visa will only be sent, if requested, after the registration.

More information is already available on the meeting web site which will be updated regularly along with the progress of the workshop organisation and the status of the scientific programme.

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux