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The ILC at a glance

Artist's impression of cryomodule for the International Linear Collider. Image: Rey.Hori

Artist's impression of the planned collider detector for the International Linear Collider. Image: Rey.Hori

What will the ILC look like? How big is its linear accelerator? How do you describe a collision? If sometimes giving talks you are lost for words, we hope the pictures from our new animation "The ILC in one minute" will help you explain and schematise the ILC operation.

The first part is schematic, showing the basic principle of two linear accelerators facing each other and of two beams colliding in the centre. Then the animation dives into the ILC tunnel and follows a beam (positrons or electrons, whichever you prefer it to be!) till the final collision. The author of the animation Rey.Hori worked in closed collaboration with KEK scientists from both accelerator and detector field and with ILC and the communicators. You probably noticed some works from Rey.Hori already, since the illustrator and web designer artist is not new to the ILC. Since 2004, he has been working with KEK and all his artworks for the ILC are derived from computed aided designs (CAD), which makes them so realistic.

The version we present today is the shortest. It manages to show the whole ILC in just over a minute, so it can be built into talks very easily to grab the viewers' attention. There will soon be handy and light formats for every ILC speaker to embed in talks which will also be easy to share on video-sharing platforms like Youtube. In a second step, a longer version – about three-minutes long – will be released, mainly for the press. We know that TV broadacsters love animations and images to go along with their interviews and reports. An additional script, describing each sequence of the animation, will allow them to choose the parts the want. Eventually, the longer version will be complemented with a voice-over or subtitle description, providing an overall view of the ILC project. This last version is aimed to serve as a stand-alone tool to communicate the ILC project.

Fly through the International Linear Collider and find out how it works with "The ILC in 1 minute" Image: ILC/Rey.Hori

In one sentence: the video is for you! Share it with your colleagues, friends and spread the word about it! You are very welcome to put it on your websites and to show it publicly during talks and exhibitions. Please make sure that you credit it with "©ILC, Rendered and Authored by Rey.Hori." The animation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence, which roughly means one can use, transmit, adapt the work, as long the author is credited and that it is not used for commercial purposes. Any new work based upon this animation must be licensed under the same conditions.

As you can see, the ILC-TV channel on Youtube is still very empty. Please share with the communicators every candidate you would like to see on this channel and give us your opinion!

-- Perrine Royole-Degieux

- View and download the animation here

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