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Lyn Evans in conversation with Peter Higgs

The discovery of the Higgs was announced exactly ten years ago and we're very proud to present some exclusive content to you: two giants of the Higgs particle discovery in conversation about initially refused papers, why Peter Higgs ended up in theoretical physics rather than in engineering, and more.


Quantum Diaries: Special Edition for Higgs@10

Daniel Jeans, a particle physicist based at KEK and active blogger, looks back on what it was like witnessing the discovery as a young researcher.


10th anniversary of Higgs discovery!

Posted July 2012, written by Barry Barish, Jonathan Bagger, and Sakue Yamada

4 July 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most celebrated scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century - the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. ILC NewsLine presents our 10th anniversary of the Higgs discovery with our Higgs boson stories written 10 years ago.

In the News

  • from The Wire Science
    3 July 2022

    The third major contender is the International Linear Collider (ILC), put together by an international collaboration. It will consist of an approximately 30-km-long tube that will accelerate two kinds of particles from the two ends in a straight line, and smash them into each other. It was expected to be located in Japan before scientists there raised concerns about how the government would split the cost of building and running the machine with other countries.

  • from Yahoo news
    23 June 2022

    岩手県が誘致を進めるILC国際リニアコライダーについての情報発信拠点となっている盛岡市の施設を6月21日、ドイツからの留学生たちが訪問した。(On June 21, international students from Germany visited a facility in Morioka City, which is a base for disseminating information about the ILC International Linear Collider, which Iwate Prefecture is promoting.)

  • from Symmetry
    21 June 2022

    That interest carried her through her studies all the way to her current PhD program. She is working on research related to the International Linear Collider, a proposed particle accelerator designed to be a “Higgs factory.” It would produce massive amounts of the particle that inspired Nakajima so that scientists can measure it to new levels of precision.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    18 June 2022

    東京大カブリ数物連携宇宙研究機構の横山広美副機構長(46)は、巨大科学を推進するには「国際分担の態勢をどのように整えるかが重要だ」と強調した。(Hiromi Yokoyama, Deputy Director of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, the University of Tokyo, emphasized that “how to prepare for international sharing is important” in order to promote big science.)

  • from Yahoo news
    16 June 2022

    ILC国際リニアコライダーを学ぶ岩手県盛岡市の施設「オープンラボ」が6月16日に一般公開された。 (The facility “Open Lab” in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, where students study the ILC International Linear Collider, was opened to the public on June 16.)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    16 June 2022

    「科学技術立国」や「デジタル田園都市国家構想」を掲げる岸田政権。ILCはその実現に大きく貢献する有望な国際プロジェクトだ。千載一遇の好機をものにするのか、それとも尻込みを続けて逃すのか、世界が注視している。(The Kishida administration advocates a “science and technology nation” and a “digital rural city national concept”. The ILC is a promising international project that will greatly contribute to its realization. The world is paying close attention to whether it will be a good opportunity for a thousand times, or whether it will continue to be shy.)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    15 June 2022

    「この10年間の蓄積で住民理解はだいぶ進んだ。大きなプロジェクトを動かすには民意の力が重要になる。関係自治体と一層連携し、取り組みを進める」と佐藤善仁一関市長。社会が「ウィズコロナ」へ移行しつつあり、誘致のタイムリミットも迫るここからが頑張りどころだ。(“The accumulation of the past 10 years has greatly improved the understanding of the residents. The power of the people’s will is important for moving a big project. We will further cooperate with the relevant local governments and proceed with the efforts,” said Mayor Yoshihito Sato. The society is shifting to “with corona”, and the time limit for attracting is approaching.)

  • from Physics Today
    14 June 2022

    Future W-boson measurements could also happen at proposed electron–positron colliders, such as the International Linear Collider in Japan, the Future Circular Collider at CERN, and the Circular Electron Positron Collider in China

  • from The Hindu
    10 May 2022

    (Paid article) International Linear Collider in Japan, the Compact Linear Collider and Future Circular Collider in CERN, the Circular Electron-Positron Collider in China, etc.

  • from Interactions
    11 April 2022

    ICFA reconfirms the international consensus on the importance of a Higgs Factory as the highest priority for realizing the scientific goals of particle physics. This view has only strengthened over time based on results from the world’s particle physics facilities.

  • from Science
    7 April 2022

    Several proposals for electron-positron colliders—such as the International Linear Collider in Japan, the Compact Linear Collider, the Future Circular Collider (FCC-ee) at CERN, and the Circular Electron Positron Collider in China (8)—are under consideration in the ongoing discussions for the future of particle physics.