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4 April 2013

Let’s celebrate the completion of the Technical Design Report.

12 June 2013 is a very special day for the ILC community. We are organising a global event, starting in Tokyo, moving to CERN and finally in Fermilab – to celebrate the publication of the Technical Design Report. We have invited VIPs from across the fields of politics, research funding, science and education to hear talks on ILC, public lectures, look to the future and to celebrate with us. However, the most important group is YOU, the people who did the work that made the TDR possible. Mark your calendars and join us for your local event. Please register at

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  • Rey.Hori (M.Horiuchi) says:

    I am very glad and honored to see my artwork being used as the main image of this historic event for ILC program. Thank you for all!