LC Newsline is a biweekly e-newsletter about recent news, milestones and developments related to the Linear Collider and the fields of high-energy, particle and accelerator physics and engineering. It includes:

  • Featured LC stories
  • Director’s Corners
  • Research Director Reports
  • LC announcements
  • LC meeting and conference calendar
  • BlogLine: LC blogs
  • News in the field of high-energy physics
  • Images of the people, places and even things that make the LC possible

Contribute to NewsLine
LC NewsLine is a tool for the LC community and the particle physics community. Through this publication, you have the opportunity to talk to your colleagues. Anything you would share with them during an LC workshop could make an interesting NewsLine story.

Did you reach a milestone? Have you got exciting data? Have you been to a successful meeting? Are you experiencing a successful working collaboration with another laboratory or country? Did you finally find solutions to your old problems? These are all things that may interest us. We interview you, we write the story, you check the facts before it posts, and it gets published in LC NewsLine. We hope that you will take advantage of this publication to tell your stories to the community.

To submit story ideas, please contact us.

Questions or comments?
To ask questions or submit comments related to LC NewsLine content, please contact a member of LC communications.

For questions about the LC NewsLine website, please contact the LC NewsLine web team.