Wei Gai leads positron source efforts for ILC

by Leah Hesla

Scientists at the ILC who deal in matters positively charged have a new go-to guy: Wei Gai. This month, Gai assumes the role of the ILC's Positron Technical Area Group Leader (Positron TAGL). He takes over the position from Jim Clarke at the Science & Technology Facilities Council/Daresbury Laboratory in the UK, who has given up the role because of the UK's changing programme priorities.

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New start, new hope

Third IHEP-KEK 1.3-GHz SRF technology collaboration meeting

by Min Zhang

From 7 to 8 December 2010, the IHEP-KEK 1.3-gigahertz superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) technology collaboration meeting was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. This was the third in a series of meetings held regularly since 2009. Eight high-energy accelerator experts from KEK and Kyoto University and nearly thirty researchers from IHEP participated.

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As the New Year dawns…

by Mike Harrison

Is there ever a good time to be proposing the creation of a large and complex science facility? Probably not, but at face value we seem to have chosen a particularly inopportune moment to be raising this issue.

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IceCube neutrino detector completed

On 19 December, at the height of the antarctic summer, the IceCube neutrino detector was completed after a decade of planning, building, testing and melting holes into ice. The main IceCube detector, a massive ice-bound telescope that fills a cubic kilometre of deep Antarctic ice, now contains 5,160 optical sensors on 86 strings embedded two kilometres below the National Science Foundation’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
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