Director's Corner

Introducing the new ILC NewsLine

by Barry Barish and Maura Barone

Welcome to the new ILC Newsline! This is the first issue of a new style, with a modern look and feel, new logo, more cohesive page design and navigation, and added features and functionalities. Take a tour of the renewed ILC Newsline.

Research Director's Report

Planning the Detailed Baseline Design Report

by Sakue Yamada

The scientists that make up the physics and detector side of the ILC community come together to create the Detailed Baseline Detector Report, a document that reflects the newest developments and requirements in detector R&D.


Impressions from ALCPG11

View images from this year's Americas Linear Collider Physics Group conference, hosted by the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Image of the week

LAL inaugurates calorimeter assembly hall

Image: LAL/H. Kerec

Members of French teams who work on the SiW electromagnetic calorimeter prototype inaugurated the brand new LAL assembly hall on 14 March. Also shown are various members of laboratory directorates.

In the News

  • From The Guardian
    22 March 2011
    In the Ardennes hills near Givet, in eastern France, stands Chooz nuclear power station, with its twin concrete cooling towers spewing steam. Here scientists may soon catch some neutrinos and break one of the most enigmatic secrets of the universe.
  • From Fermilab Today
    21 March 2011
    Over the weekend, the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center provided updates on the situation at the Soudan Underground Mine, which houses two Fermilab experiments.
  • From The Register-Guard
    20 March 2011
    Slamming protons together isn’t the only way physicists make sparks. At least, not anymore.

    This week Eugene will be host to the American debut of another kind of physics experiment, called the Physics Slam.

  • From KMTR News 16
    20 March 2011
    Descending on the University of Oregon this week are 200 leading physicists from around the world, collaborating on a project while trying to explain their work in layman’s terms to the public.
  • From symmetry breaking
    18 March 2011
    Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider may be on the verge of discovering a new particle, according to mounting evidence from experiments at Fermilab’s Tevatron.

    Judging by its behavior, it’s not the Higgs.

  • From Eugene Weekly
    17 March 2011
    When you’re a physicist in town for a linear collider conference, what do you do for fun? You hold a physics slam, DUH! At least that’s what members of the American Linear Collider Physics Group decided to do.
  • From Science
    17 March 2011
    During an earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear meltdown, the safest place to be is in a mine.

    So says Stuart Freedman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s spokesperson for the KamLAND neutrino experiment, whose 1879 glass photomultiplier tubes emerged from the earthquake unscathed.