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Thank you, ILC, too!

This week's issue features a Director's Corner from Peter H. Garbincius, recent Global Design Effort Cost Manager

| 25 August 2011

Peter Garbincius and friend


International is the key word. At least in the area of elementary particle physics, the ILC has been the first accelerator mega-project intended to have global participation directly from its conception. Its scope requires international participation, which also demands global understanding and cooperation. What a great concept…if only countries and different peoples could learn to work together on a common goal! Maybe the ILC is just a first step along this path.

During my six years associated with the ILC (and parts of the previous four years with TESLA and the US Linear Collider Technology Options Study), I was very fortunate to work with people from all over the world, visiting their laboratories and universities, many of which I would likely not have visited if not for the ILC. Travel really does broaden one’s outlook and teaches one about different cultures and ways of approaching a problem. I am sincerely thankful for this experience.

The most uplifting thing, however, is working with imaginative, talented and dedicated people. During my time with the ILC, I’ve met and worked with many such people, and even again with some old friends. These people are always a source of inspiration for me.

As Barry announced in his Director’s Corner of 4 August, I am leaving the ILC Global Design Effort to assume more responsibilities within Fermilab. My colleague of many years, Gerry Dugan (we were both Division Heads at Fermilab over twenty years ago), will be taking over as GDE Cost Manager, Cost Engineer, and keeper of ICET (ILC Cost Estimating Tool). I wish him well in bringing this all together for the Technical Design Report.

GDE Director Barry Barish holding one of only two known copies of a special Paris guidebook

Of course, my thanks and best wishes go out to all of you with whom I worked on the ILC. But special thanks must go to those with whom I worked and interacted the most:

the leaders and representatives of all of the institutions who hosted our meetings, reviews, and workshops, and who extended such great hospitality to us;

the other two Cost Engineers, Wilhelm Bialowons and Tetsuo Shidara;

the Design & Cost Board;

the Conventional Facilities and Siting team, led by Vic Kuchler;

the ILC communicators;

the ICET development team, including Maura Barone, DESY-EDMS, and Triad;

the GDE Executive Committee;

the GDE Project Managers, Marc Ross, Nick Walker, and Akira Yamamoto;

Maxine Hronek, the glue that holds the GDE together;

and, of course, our leader, Barry Barish.

Turnabout is fair play, Barry, so I’ll include a picture that my wife Jean shot in Montmartre, Paris last July. When we unexpectedly met Barry and his wife Samoan, he said, “This guidebook says I’ll never meet anyone I know on this street.” I guess we must have had the same guidebook!

So again, thank you everyone, for making my time with ILC a wonderful experience. I wish you great success in finishing the TDR, further developing SCRF technology, and if the science gods put interesting physics within its reach, a speedy approval, construction, and utilisation of the ILC.

I’ll end with my usual toast, “ILC soon!”

Peter Garbincius

Peter H. Garbincius, recent Global Design Effort Cost Manager and member of the Executive Committee.
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