Research Director's Report

Past and future of the Worldwide Study

by Jim Brau

The groundwork for the Worldwide Study, a global linear collider physics and detector partnership, was laid more than ten years ago. Since then it has been a driving force for coordination and development of physics studies and detector R&D around the world.

Around the World

ILC detector R&D in Japan stays strong

by Rika Takahashi

During the kick-off meeting for the global R&D programme of ILC detectors in Japan, roughly 60 scientists from all over the world gathered to discuss plans towards and beyond the Detailed Baseline Design Report and enjoyed visiting one of the two Japanese candidate sites for the ILC in Tohoku area.

Director's Corner

Costing the ILC Technical Design Report

by Barry Barish

Now that the baseline for the Technical Design Report has been established, the focus is on fleshing out the details of that design and optimising it for cost, risk and performance. As a result, the costing process is being initiated. The first meeting to begin the costing effort was held at Caltech in the US, immediately following the face-to-face Executive Committee meeting in July.

Image of the week

Virtual tunnel

Image: DESY

DESY’s Information Management Processes Projects (IPP) group continued their design integration activities for the ILC and managed to automatically generate simple three-dimensional models from lattice files obtaining a 3-D model of the entire accelerator. Tunnel and infrastructure models can be added where available to get an early preview of the facility. More images can be seen at the LCWS11 conference in Granada.

In the News

  • from The Economist
    17 September 2011
    [The CRESST collaboration] said on September 6th that they too had data suggesting the existence of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) the objects of which dark matter is hypothesised to be composed.
  • from Science
    16 September 2011
    Life at the world’s biggest atom smasher is an odd combination of selfless cooperation and intense competition.
  • from Iwate NichiNichi
    9 September 2011
    興田中学校の2年生や地域住民ら約100人が参集、ILCの概要 や研究の意義、地域にもたらす効果などについて理解を深めた。