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| 19 July 2012

Tracks show the paths of particles passing through the time projection chamber, the tracker prototype for the ILD detector, in a DESY test beam last week. Six brand-new readout modules of the Micromegas type – one possible module type for the final detector – were mounted to the TPC endplate and produced beautiful tracks both from cosmic and beam particles. With almost a whole week in the test beam and a total of a million events, the French-Canadian Micromegas team (with support form CERN, DESY and a number of other institutes) has a lot of data to look through this week. They want to study the new multi-module aspects of the test run, for example check the alignment and the uniformity of the modules.

The six modules also pioneered a new cryogenic system for the TPC magnet. A 1-Tesla magnet that has previously flown in space, it has been equipped with a new closed cooling loop that had been tested on its own before, but never with real beam and real detectors. The new system worked well and did not interfere with the data taking. Stay tuned for more detailed info.

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