Superconducting radio-frequency

by Daisy Yuhas

In our new series LCpedia, ILC NewsLine deconstructs the ILC – with words. The technical terms that float around on slides, in conversations and the future Technical Design Report are explained here, short and sweet. We start the series with superconducting radio-frequency, or SCRF.

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Update on SRF and NML

The development of the superconducting 1.3-GHz radio-frequency test facility at NML, which would comprise three cryomodules and an electron beam to test them, suffered a setback earlier this year with the zeroing out of funds for the International Linear Collider. NML will continue to operate as a cryomodule test facility despite the zeroing out of ILC funds, explains Fermilab Director Pier Oddone in his 31-July Director's Corner.

Director's Corner

Higgs search presentations at ICHEP 2012

by Barry Barish

Last month, both LHC experiments at CERN announced the discovery of a new particle with mass of 125.5 GeV, which is likely the long-sought Higgs boson. It made headlines worldwide. This is indeed an exciting moment for particle physicists and it came just prior to our largest scientific meeting, the biannual International Conference on High Energy Physics ICHEP held in Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne, the detailed and impressive scientific evidence was presented to the worldwide particle physics community.

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