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Korea-US Collaboration Center for Accelerator Science opens at Fermilab

| 20 September 2012

Fermilab has a new collaboration centre: on 27 August, the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) of Korea’s Institute for Basic Science opened the Korea-US Collaboration Center for Accelerator Science (KUCC).

Korea is planning to build in Korea by 2017 a rare-isotope accelerator, which will have SCRF technology at its core. The newly opened KUCC will serve as a base for Institute for Basic Science/RISP to collaborate with one of the world’s leading accelerator laboratories in North America in building a heavy-ion accelerator, as well as promoting technology and personnel exchanges.

The Institute for Basic Science plans to dispatch roughly ten young researchers every year to US accelerator laboratories to secure the specialised skills necessary for the development of the heavy-ion accelerator in Korea.

The inauguration ceremony of the KUCC was attended by Yul-Rae Cho, second Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Dr. Sun-Kee Kim, Director of the Rare Isotope Science Project; Dr. Pier Oddone, Director of Fermilab; and Dr. Young-Kee Kim, Deputy Director of Fermilab.

Image: RISP Information and Collaboration Team

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