Director's Corner

A second snapshot of the evolving TDR draft

by Barry Barish

The Technical Design Report will be the culmination and final deliverable for the ILC Global Design Effort. The report will be submitted in near final form to the ILC Program Advisory Committee in November for technical review in December at KEK. The drafting of the report has been under way since last spring. The GDE Executive Committee recently performed a critical review of a second snapshot of the evolving TDR draft.

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China awards Shin-ichi Kurokawa the 2012 Friendship Award

by Rika Takahashi and Qian Pan

The former chair of the International Linear Collider Steering Committee and of the Asian Committee for Future Accelerators, Shin-ichi Kurokawa, has received the highest award that the People’s Republic of China gives to foreign experts: the Friendship Award of China. The awardees also met Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

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Accelerating news

The third issue of Accelerating News, a quarterly online publication for the accelerator community in Europe and beyond, looks towards the future: after the LHC as the world's first Higgs production place, what could a real factory look like? What's the plan for neutrinos? Written by the experts, the newsletter gives a broad overview.

In the News

  • from Reuters
    9 October 2012

    A French and an American scientist won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for finding ways to measure quantum particles without destroying them, which could make it possible to build a new kind of computer far more powerful than any seen before.

  • from Cosmos Magazine
    8 October 2012

    The discovery of a new particle that may be the fabled Higgs boson could rank as the greatest achievement in physics in more than 50 years, but it also poses a dilemma for the jury deciding this week’s Nobel Prize for Physics.

  • from CERN
    5 October 2012

    The CERN Director-General, Rolf Heuer, and the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, George Demosthenous, today signed an agreement under which the Republic of Cyprus will become an Associate Member State in the pre-stage to Membership. The agreement will have to be ratified by the Parliament of Cyprus before coming into force.