Video of the week

The great ILC flythrough: a trailer

Video: DESY

Coming soon to YouTube channels near you: a complete video tour of the ILC, based on all available CAD data. Road signs have been added for orientation, and a voiceover will explain what you see, and why it looks the way it does.

Stay tuned!


From CERN Bulletin: CLIC’s three-step plan

CERN's newsletter, the CERN Bulletn, reports on progress from CLIC: In early October, the CLIC collaboration published its final Conceptual Design Report. Accompanying it was a strategic summary document that describes a whole new approach to the project: developing the linear e+e− collider in three energy stages. Though CLIC’s future still depends on signs from the LHC, its new staged approach to high-energy electron-positron physics for the post-LHC era is nothing short of convincing.

Director's Corner

ATF autumn run started: aiming for the beam size required for the ILC

by Toshiaki Tauchi

KEK's Accelerator Test facility (ATF) is up again after its summer shutdown. After several improvements to beams size monitors, multi-ole magnets and the organisation structure, the international team is looking forward to squeezing the beam size further and further towards the 37 nanometres required for the ILC.


Impressions from LCWS12

Images: Margie Jackmack and Victor Reece

Linear Collider Workshops have broken records in the past - not only in number of parallel sessions held, but also in visitor numbers for particle slams, for example. Wednesday saw another such record: 1200 people attended Steven Weinberg's lecture at the University of Texas in Arlington, which was the public event for the LCWS12 workshop. The venue had never held so many people before.

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