Impressions from LCWS12

| 25 October 2012

Linear Collider Workshops have broken records in the past – not only in number of parallel sessions held, but also in visitor numbers for particle slams, for example. Wednesday saw another such record: 1200 people attended Steven Weinberg’s lecture at the University of Texas in Arlington, which was the public event for the LCWS12 workshop. The venue had never held so many people before. “It was a smashing success!” says organiser Jae Yu.

The workshop itself is an important (and near-final) step along the way to the publication of the Technical Design Report and Detailed Baseline Design report for the detectors next June, and the changeover from Global Design Effort to new linear collider organisation, headed by Lyn Evans, in February 2013. Accelerator technologies of both the ILC and CLIC were discussed and news presented, the detector community also showed latest test beam results, module process and much more. See all talks and tomorrow’s closing plenary here.

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